A new animated Anne Frank movie brings her diary to life in modern-day Amsterdam


August 13, 2021

"Where Is Anne Frank" reimagines the famous diarist's life in animated form, with Israeli director Ari Folman partnering with the foundation that holds the copyright to her diary.

AMSTERDAM (JTA) - A disoriented teenage girl lies on Anne Frank's bed as people swarm the family house. But these people are not Nazis; they're modern-day tourists. And the girl on the bed isn't Anne, but Kitty - the imaginary friend to whom she addressed her now world-famous diary.

Magically resurrected from the page and transported into modern-day Europe, Kitty is appalled by how society has fetishized her best friend Anne, hawking cheap merchandise and endless inaccurate reinterpretations of her words. Eventually she takes it upon herself to reclaim Anne's legacy, by any means necessary.


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