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Offense taken about 'Abortion's Juneteenth'


August 13, 2021

Dear Editor:

I was completely taken aback by your decision to publish Tamara Aronowsky’s article “Abortion’s Juneteenth” (July 9, 2021 issue). It was offensive on so many levels. At the very least, you should have included a counter article in support of this important and necessary law. That you chose to publish this despite the fact that 83 percent of Jews believe that abortion should be legal in all/most cases defies logic. Equally disturbing is that The Heritage believes it is an appropriate place for such a topic. Having a Jewish author (again, who is very much in the minority) does not make this a Jewish topic that belongs in your paper. To Ms. Aronowsky, contrary to all you wrote, it will be a terrible and dangerous time for all women if your wish to take away our choice ever prevails.

Ellen Mayer

Winter Park, Fla.


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