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August 27, 2021

Too many to list at one time ...

I'm talking about famous Jewish entertainers like Billy Crystal and Zac Efron.

Also, Natalie Portman (oh wait! You knew she was born in Israel.) How about "Saturday Night Live's" MAYA RUDOLPH. (I never even suspected.) Also Sarah Jessica Parker. (I sort of suspected.) What about Paula Abdul (NO WAY!) Yes, way!

Wow! If you are shocked about these artists being Jewish, just wait until next week!

The future of the Jewish people ...

I read this in a World Jewish Congress bulletin recently and pass it along to you:

"As the flagship program of the WJC, the Jewish Diplomatic Corps was featured throughout the Plenary Assembly. JDCorps President SONAT BIRNECKER-HART (representing the U.S.) introduced the program to the delegates with a new video highlighting the vision and objectives of the JDCorps. Subsequently, led by JDCorps Steering Committee Chair ELI NOVERSHTERN (Israel), JD's EFRAT SOPHER (U.K.) and YOHAN BENIZRI (Belgium) presented actionable examples of how JDs can support affiliated Jewish communities on the ground, including through the ATIDENU project, which provides support for the continuity of Jewish communities and organizations.

In addition, the JDs discussed how to customize virtual events on global topics to ensure local relevance and impact, such as this year's JDCorps Virtual Seder at which over 200 participants from around the world-including diplomats and faith leaders –reflected together with the JDs on challenges facing their communities.

The JDCorps session, "Six Things You Need To Know About Future Leadership," organized together with WJC NextGen, was moderated by Dr. Sonat Birnecker Hart and featured opening remarks from WJC President RONALD S. LAUDER.

The discussion highlighted a range of important topics impacting the daily lives of young Jews around the world.

JDCorps member, PHILIPPE ASSOULINE (Israel): The top rules for winning hearts and minds of the younger generation.

JDCorps member, AVIVA LA TORREEK (Sweden): How do you get the next generation to open their wallets and contribute to Jewish causes?

Ronald S. Lauder Fellow CAMI TUSSIE: What's really happening on University campuses, and how can we make a difference?

Ronald S. Lauder Fellow ALISON COMITE: What do you do on social media all day, and how can we grab your attention?

JDCorps Member ALEX RYVCHIN (Australia): The Z words)-What's in store for the relationship between Zionism and Gen Z?

JDCorps Member EZEQUIEL SPORN (Argentina): A Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim walk into a café-what is the future of interpersonal interfaith relations?

(Oy vay! These are problems that may face the next generation ... or maybe not!)

The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando ...

The Federation values your opinion, and wants to be able to cater the Melton classes toward your interests. Please take a moment and fill out this survey on their website to help them better understand the wants and interests of our community.

For information on how to take the survey, phone the Federation at 407-645-5933.

Winter Park Playhouse ...

Okay. I know I said I wouldn't repeat this but I just have to! You only have one more day to purchase tickets for "Crazy For Gershwin." (Who isn't crazy for Gershwin?) The last day of performance is Aug. 28th.)

(I intend to perform it as soon as I learn all the lyrics. And, I intend to see the show! I don't think that song, not so well known, will be performed in it but phone me and I'll sing it to you.)

Shout-Out ...

I recently went to Perkins Restaurant on University in Winter Park with friends for some eating, chatting and relaxing.

Sonat Birnecker-Hart

As luck would have it, the best, sweetest, sharpest and caring waitress was assigned our table. Her name is REBECA JEANIE but she prefers to be called only Jeanie. I love her! (Well, I can't stand competition and she is very pretty but I love her anyway!)

One for the road ...

(I don't remember if I wrote this already, but it strikes me so funny, I may be repeating it. Forgive me if I do.)

Since all the seats at the posh synagogue were filled for the Jewish holiday season (soon to be upon us).

A stranger was stopped at the door as he tried to enter. "I just want to see Adam Rosenberg, a member of this congregation," the stranger pleaded. "I have an important message for him."

"OK, I'll let you talk to Rosenberg, " the usher said, "but I'll be watching so don't let me catch you praying!"


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