Remembering Joe


November 12, 2021

Every month stepping in to the Westminster towers in Orlando, I had the opportunity to engage with Joseph Aaronson. Always cheerful, always smiling, always talkative, always positive Joe. Even on days when it was obvious he wasn’t feeling that great, when I asked how he was, he would respond “I’ve got a lot to be grateful for.” His three children Benn, Cookie and Ed describe him as ever the optimist with a glass half full mentality, especially in his later years. He would always greet me with a phrase in Yiddish, hoping to teach me some “Jewish,” and loved the tallit, kippah and prayer book provided by The Jewish Pavilion. We sang favorite prayers together, went to shul together (his first time in 20 years) and he shared with me a DVD all about his family made by his daughter. He was so proud of his family! He requested I sing “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön,” a song made popular by the Andrews Sisters, at one of The Jewish Pavilion events. I will always think of Joe now when I sing it. Just shy of his 97th birthday, Joe led a long and blessed life. He was happily married to wife Reneé of blessed memory for 69-1/2 years, and worked in the vending machine business and served in the military.

On days that aren’t going my way, I think “how would Joe respond? And it helps me just a little and always puts a smile on my face. Please consider a donation to The Jewish Pavilion to help provide Jewish connection for our seniors in residence. 407-678-9363

— Nina Fine, program director


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