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America will become a democratic dictatorship if we allow it

Dear Editor,

I’ve never lived under a dictatorship before so I have no experience in describing what it was like or what we could expect.

I don’t believe a benign dictatorship exists and the only ones I’m familiar with are: China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Pakistan possibly, PLA under Abbas, Syria, Somalia, Turkey, and Afghanistan.

There was a time in modern history that Germany, Italy, Hungary, and several Eastern European nations turned into fascist dictatorships. Other than meeting several people with tattoos on their arms indicating that they were in Nazi concentration camps I have no direct experience till now in America.

We are in the midst of America’s destruction by a very well-planned blueprint design to change America forever into a Democratic dictatorship beginning with the brainwashing of our children from infants until adulthood.

Americans are being divided by race as never before under Jim Crow, and supposedly intelligent elected officials are the ones pushing Critical Race Theory — all the time denying that there is such a theory.

We have witnessed the destruction of statues of founders of our nation and Civil War heroes and those of Christopher Columbus all lumped together as racists. They’d like to destroy the Jefferson Memorial or the Washington Monument.

The most glaring monument or tribute to America is the White House and yet no one has demanded its destruction or repainting a less offensive color or perhaps a divided White House such as 1/3 White, 1/3 Black and 1/3 Brown/Asian.

What’s worse is I am certain that Joe Biden’s non-stop executive orders and opening our southern borders to millions of illegal aliens from all over the globe — including terrorists — and the defeat of the American armed forces in Afghanistan are all part of this plan to turn America into a Marxist/Progressive nation ruled by the Democratic Party.

That Democratic Party will not tolerate any dissension and it will be a one-party rule.

Does anyone with the IQ of a root vegetable really believe that Uncle Joe, like Uncle Joe Stalin is really in charge?

He has committed so many criminal actions including allowing his son Hunter to act as his proxy and extort millions from the Ukraine, Russia, China and who knows where else.

He has allowed a Chinese Communist compromised congressman, Eric Swalwell of California, to sit on the most sensitive committee in the House where he could pass along America’s plans and confidential info thanks to Nancy Pelosi.

And yet there is no whimper of protest like leaving billions of dollars of our finest weaponry and our assets like Americans and Afghans and not saying a word more about them.

I just read that Afghanistan is facing a famine of major proportions and before we send billions of humanitarian aid lets make a deal for getting our weapons all back to the last bullet.

I know when the dictatorship will be complete when you never hear from me again.

William. J. Levy

Ormond Beach, Fla.


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