Chabad Orlando brought Chanukah to the Amway Center


December 17, 2021

Shown here (l-r): Rabbi Yanky Majesky, Rabbi Matan, Rabbi Yosef Konikov, Rabbi Levik Dubov, Rabbi Dovid Dubov, Rabbi Sholom Dubov, and Rabbi Tzviky Dubov.

At the end of the first quarter as the spotlight glared at the stage, the Grand Menorah Lighting at Amyway Center captured the thousands of participants as Jewish musical artist Jimmy Levy from American Idol led with singing the Brochos.

Chanukah Night gave the city of Orlando the opportunity to celebrate and share the fun spirit of Chanukah. The Grand Menorah was lit in the presence of thousands proclaiming the timeless message that light ultimately triumphs over darkness. 

"There is no better place to promote the message of Chanukah than the Amway Center in front of tens of thousands of people," said Rabbi Tzviky Dubov of Chabad of Greater Orlando 

Chabad Centers throughout Orlando partnered together to bring the Chanukah message to thousands of Orlando Magic fans in the largest stadium in Orlando.

"The excitement and Jewish pride was palpable," said Rabbi Yosef Konikov of Chabad of South Orlando

The dancing rabbis together with Rabbi Dovid Dubov (bottom right).

Rabbi Yanky Majesky of Chabad of North Orlando shared, "There's a boy in our Hebrew School who is the only Jewish child in his [public school] class. His mom asked us to talk to him since he was feeling bad not being able to celebrate the holidays that all his friends are celebrating, I told the mom, do me a favor, bring him to the Chanukah Night with the Orlando Magic. 'I am forever grateful to you Rabbi Yanky,' said the mom. 'Seeing Chanukah celebrated in the presence of thousands of people gave my son the feeling that his holiday is cool! A memory he'll carry with him forever.'

Together with Chabad of Greater Orlando, Chabad of South Orlando, Chabad of North Orlando and Chabad of Downtown Orlando unity and positivity was promoted allowing everyone to tap into this incredible event, making this occasion the largest Menorah Lighting Ceremony in Central Florida.

"Without a doubt everyone in that stadium knew it was Chanukah that night," said Rabbi Dovid Dubov, program director of Chanukah Night.

The event kicked off with a pre-game performance by world-renowned Jewish artists Jimmy Levy and Hi-Rez The Rapper. The National Anthem was performed by the talented singer & songwriter Yosef David.


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