Must-know Purim words and phrases


March 11, 2022

Cover of "World Over" children's magazine, 1955.

Gragger - Pronounced GRAH-gur. Yiddish for "noisemaker." Graggers are used during the reading of the megillah (see below). When the reader speaks the name of Haman the congregation tries to drown out the evil name using noisemakers and booing.

Hamantaschen - Pronounced HAH-mun-TAHSCH-un. Yiddish for "Haman's pockets," known in Hebrew as "oznay Haman" meaning "Haman's ears." A triangular cookie with a filling (typically jam or poppyseed) inside, traditionally eaten on Purim .

Matanot l'evyonim - Pronounced mah-tah-NOTE leh-ehv-yon-EEM. Hebrew for "gifts to the poor." It is a commandment to give...

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