Embarrassing beyond belief


Dear Editor:

Listening to the man who lost us Afghanistan along with the 13 dead American soldiers and the loss of 80 billion dollars in armaments, I felt sick to my stomach while he spoke at Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day.

The man has no shame.  Hunter Biden’s lap top almost never existed with all the pornography and the evidence of the Biden Crime Family with Joe as the Big Man that we have a criminal speaking to the nation on this hallowed day.

He’s not ashamed of what he’s doing to our nation to make it weaker than our enemies both domestic and foreign.

Inflation, a dearth of baby food formula, the highest gas prices in almost a half a century, rampant crime throughout America all because one man is pretending to be the leader of our nation and the Free World as we get closer to a nuclear war with Russia and China.

Is God punishing us for our hubris or is Karl Marx laughing his head off at our predicament, which might signal the end of this young experiment which had so much promise?

And it’s not just Joe Biden, but Nancy Pelosi with her 300 million dollar net worth because of all the insider trader information she was privy to in her position of Speaker of the House.

These two and others remind me of the French aristocracy before the French Revolution but those two and other influential Democrats have no fear of losing their heads, just keeping the corruption alive and well as it extends to their immediate families.

Either we are a land of laws or we have evolved into a third world nation unworthy of the great gift our founders endowed upon us with and the country should be broken up into several parts, because that is where we are heading.

We can’t even control crime and violence worthy of Haiti or Brazil or the Cartels of Mexico who are making 100 million dollars a week, tax free, bringing illegal immigrants into our southern borders unhampered by any law enforcement agency because they have become eunuchs in the eyes of Joe Biden and company.

And don’t forget the Cartel’s drugs are laced with fentanyl from China and China launders the Cartel’s multi-billion dollar gains and it’s all tied together.

How many thousands of young Americans died from China’s fentanyl and Americans remain silent?

This has happened before our own eyes and those immortal words mouthed by the Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorakis, “The Border Is Closed” shall forever be remembered on the tombstone of a once great country dismembered by the Democratic Party in less than two years of defeating Donald J. Trump and reversing all that made us great and feared by our enemies.

On this Memorial Day holiday I feel great sadness for all those who gave their lives in sacrifice to keep our nation safe and I see it as a betrayal to every person who ever wore the uniform that our own POTUS does not even respect the sacrifices made by them despite the words he read from a teleprompter.

My God, the truth is self-evident that he has no right to lead our nation after all the harm and damage attributed to him, not even counting the abject corruption he is involved with.

Why didn’t 100 million Americans demonstrate their frustration by going to the borders to show their anger or we become lambs in this land of milk and honey instead of lions?

If there is a history ever to be written since Joe Biden took the office in a still-contested election of 2020 and brave men are still rotting in solitary for daring to peacefully question that election and nothing is done, then we have indeed lost the edge and our right to be Americans.

The other side is so blatant about their duplicity that they know in reality how weak we are and our leaders are just RHINOS in disguise.  

If I sound disgusted you are right!!

Wm. J. Levy

Ormond Beach, Fla.


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