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Roe v. Wade not a Jewish or Israel question

Dear Editor: 

The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando website outlines the details of the Jewish Community Relations Council directives. Nothing within those directives mandate a response to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling.  Specifically, under the Social Action directive, the Supreme Court ruling is hardly an issue that affects global Jewish issues. Under the Issues Advocacy section, neither religious practice nor “…. support on behalf of Israel and oppressed communities….” fall within the scope of the Court’s ruling. Perhaps one might stretch to an impact on advocacy for “…. social legislation…,” but certainly not specifically affecting the Jewish community. And while abortion rights is both a personal, moral and legal question, it is not a Jewish or Israel question. The fact that certain rabbis endorse the right to abortion is in conflict with other rabbinic scholars who would disagree.  

JCRC’s responsibility is to advocate for “political issues” that are either Jewish or Israel related. The Abortion question is neither of those. JCRC’s leadership used a “Jewish platform” to espouse a personal political position that is not a universal Jewish question. For all the important work in which JCRC is involved, its credibility is dependent on adherence to the scope within its Directives.

Howard Lefkowitz

Winter Park, Fla.


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