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Oy vey! Our country is a sad mess


September 16, 2022

Dear Editor:

President Biden’s speech on Thursday evening did more to separate our divided nation than anything he did prior.

If pitting Americans against each other is a tactic to unite us than he has failed miserably, once again added to his long list of failures, and the nation sees the true Biden, teleprompter and his strings.

It’s hard to recall all his missteps from his first day in office and all the grief and misery he has brought to our country from 13 dead service people, to losing Afghanistan, the weapons lost, the jobs lost, the invasion from 130 nations into America and the phantom flights in the dead of night to destinations unknown but to him, and of course the loss of our energy independence.  

We lost 58,000 of our treasure fighting the many years in Vietnam, but we lost 100,000 American lives in one year to Fentanyl courtesy of China and the Mexican Cartel’s who have become billionaires because of Biden’s Open Door Policy to make America weak.

And now the Mexican Cartels are cutting out the Chinese by producing their own versions of Fentanyl and our death tolls should be rising as if the Biden administration still believes the “Border is Closed” and there is no problem.

Thirty-nine percent of Americans will always vote for his party no matter how bad the country is hurting and that’s because the Americans on Welfare with all its entitlements will keep getting those entitlements paid for by the American taxpayer as long as they vote Democratic.

Why should anyone accepting Welfare and not working and paying into Social Security or totally dependent on everything they need be allowed to vote and vote for a more Socialist, Progressive way of life if they are not involved but are takers, not givers like the rest of us?

If Trump does return in 2024 I hope one of the first things he does is de-Naturalize the citizenship of George Soros who was a Nazi collaborator, not a Holocaust victim and do away with Welfare as we know it saving it only for the elderly and disabled and obliterating Obama’s “legacy.”

Wm. J. Levy

Melbourne, Fla.


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