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Ask a friend. When contemplating forgiveness, either asking for or giving, identifying the cause can be useful, especially if it is a deeper-rooted issue. There might be a pattern or trigger within yourself or another that you may be unaware of. Sometimes getting another perspective can help identify things we do not see. A friend, someone who knows you well and you can trust, can give you honest insight and an outsider’s perspective. The key, however, is to not get defensive when they give you an answer. Listen to them and simply take it into account during your personal reflection.

The process of forgiveness isn’t always easy. You can trust JFS therapists will be available when you need that extra bit of perspective. Call 407-644-7671 or visit JFSorlando.org/counseling to request your appointment today. To learn more about JFS Orlando’s FAMILY of services, visit JFSorlando.org or call 407-644-7593.


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