Bethanne Weiss, 2023 Fashion Show honoree


January 20, 2023

Bethanne Weiss

Many people describe Bethanne (Wellness) Weiss as someone with boundless energy and incredible wisdom. The Jewish Pavilion is pleased to honor Weiss at its upcoming fashion show on Thursday, Feb.16 at Dillard's Altamonte Mall. "Bethanne is someone who rarely says 'no' and she has the uncanny ability to do it all," says Nancy Ludin CEO of Jewish Pavilion. "She is not only chairing the fashion show, but she is modeling and serving as the honoree. For Bethanne, wearing three hats at the same time is no big deal and she will do it exceptionally well."

Bethanne Weiss, posture and balance expert, author, motivational speaker and The Queen of More JOY & Less OY, is the founder of Bethanne Wellness, a total lifestyle brand, Club FUNIQ® for fun & unique classes, events, experiences, and FUNIQ Fitness® group and personal training for better brains, balance, and bodies. She has 35+ years' experience motivating people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to move more, eat less, and get more JOY (and less OY) every day by making what she calls Tiny Tweaks.

"I'm on a mission to teach simple Tiny Tweaks through my classes and speaking engagements to care for our brains, bodies, (and booties, of course), so we can safely age in a place of OUR choosing," she said. Not only does she talk the talk but walks the walk. You can't tell by looking at her, but she battles a balance and dizziness disorder on a daily basis, which is why she is so passionate about helping others care for themselves.

In 2012, Weiss was thrust into the unexpected and overwhelming role of caring for both of her aging parents who were in their 80s when they experienced sudden and significant decline. With nowhere to turn she reached out to the Jewish Pavillion's Orlando Senior Help Desk and described the organization as "a savior for us clueless caregivers." At that time Barbara Bonaparte was the social worker in charge and helped Weiss navigate all the various services available to seniors. Weiss says that you might not be aware of it now, when everything seems to be "peachy" with your parents, but you will absolutely need the JP Senior Help Desk and they will be incredibly helpful in your time of need."

Weiss is a superb, sought-after motivational speaker and wows the crowd at many events near and far. She describes herself as a "socially intelligent connector" and feeds off the audience; the larger the audience, the more enthusiastic she becomes. A few years ago Weiss was asked to speak at our gala about her experiences with the Orlando Senior Help Desk and her and impassioned speech help the Jewish Pavilion raise over $5,000. Since that time, she has sold raffle tickets at every Jewish Pavilion event and chaired the fashion show.

Weiss is passionate about supporting JP, its mission to help seniors and their families as well as helping all of us age safely and JOYfully and in our place of choice while maintaining independence and health. A posture, balance, and brain health expert, as well as someone with lifelong balance and dizziness issues, Weiss explains that falls, cognitive impairment, loss of strength, balance and flexibility are not a necessary part of aging and wants to help others prevent them.

She has written a life-changing book, available on Amazon, titled "Move your Assets from the Chair, Not the Bank" and is currently working on a book series called "More Joy Less OY!"

Weiss has been married for 19 years to Jeffrey Weiss, a civil trial attorney, has three grown stepchildren and nine nieces and nephews. Her hobbies include moving and standing much more than she sits, organizing fun ladies' events and retreats, traveling, singing, entertaining, reading, writing and sharing her wisdom.

She is fun and high energy and loves discovering new things. She sees her curiosity as her number one strength. Weiss holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing/exercise science from State University of New York - New Paltz (1987), is certified by the American Council on Exercise in group and personal fitness, nutrition, and coaching behavior change. She is also an American Posture Institute® certified ergonomist and Age Safe America® certified senior safety specialist.

The Jewish Pavilion Fashion Show will be held Thursday, Feb.16, at 9:30 a.m. at Dillard's Altamonte Mall. To register visit or call 407-678-9363.Tickets start at $25.


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