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Eliane Ester Rossano Malfi was born in a very distinguished Jewish home in Alexandria, Egypt, on May 15, 1929. She was the daughter of Jacques Rossano, founding member of the Alexandria Cotton Stock Exchange in Egypt, and Yolande Matalon, who took care of her three children, Huguee, Robert and Eliane. Her family was part of a high society environment which included well-known celebrities as King Farouk of Egypt, Omar Sharif, and Princess Calvi Di Bergolo, among many others who came to their home in Alexandria, located in Mustafa Pasha that served luxurious parties and holiday celebrations.

Eliane spoke seven languages and attended Columbia University in New York where she received a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. She loved to write poems, sing songs — with a tremendous voice that carried out beautiful melodies. Eliane recorded one of her own songs and dedicated it to her granddaughter, Antonella. The song was a hit among family and friends and was called Antonella Bella Bella. Later her daughter, Ingrid, and her son-in-law, David, whom she loved so much, took her to a recording studio of a famous artist friend of Ingrid who was part of the Band Gipsy King who played the song Bamboleo. She was for sure on the hands of fame.

Eliane lived a beautiful life together with her family and spent time in Houston, Texas; Chicago, IL; and Orlando.

During her visits to Chicago from Houston she would spend time with Ingrid and David as they always gathered together with their children Claire, Sojie and Colin and spent time during holidays, birthdays and gatherings. Later she would move to Chicago in the care of Ingrid and David and spent time there. Ingrid was the daughter that a mother could never ask for… thank you sister for the love you and David gave her.

Now comes the part that can never be forgotten and that is the love of a second daughter to Eliane, my wife, Ana Malfi, who earned her wings of life and and stood next to her for years to help, love and care. Ana spent hours having conversations with Eliane. They both told stories to each other and laughed during that bonding. The children were all part of her gatherings and visitations as Ana was very strong to keep the family together and get the children to enjoy her Grand Mom. Ana was there most of the time during the week to make sure Eliane was taken care of and that she was healthy.

Our oldest brother, Juan Carlos, who had a special place in her heart as he was her first boy. Eliane spent most of her years in Houston and had John visit her to see how both she and her husband, Emilio, were doing, they would gather during holidays and birthdays and even traveled out of town for a family gathering. John was always there to help even when Emilio got sick, taking Eliane from place to place. Eliane was surrounded by John’s children Vanessa and Daniel who she loved her very much. Both Vanessa and Daniel would spend time with their grandmother during holidays and special occasions.

She was the best grandmother all our children could have ever had. Antonella, Claire, Sojie and Vanessa were the most beloved girls for Eliane who brought with their sweetness and charisma many times of joy and laughter, but never the less to say that her most precious shining armors were Colin, Stefano and Daniel who made their grandmother laugh from silly things they did, who listened to her stories and also had the chance to get grammatically corrected when a sentence was not proper for her.

Eliane was a teacher of many languages and taught us to follow the best path in life.

She had a special place in her heart and never forgot about her beloved husband, Emilio, with whom she spent an eternity together — they travelled the world, had beautiful times full of stories and experiences and were in business together for a better future.

Now she will rest in peace next to her beloved husband, surrounded by her family who will always visit their grave site for prayers to climb to the high heaven.

Mom, fly with your wings as you are the angel who will always be with us.

We love you forever, your children, Ingrid, TaƟ and Jacques. May she rest in peace and may her memory be a blessing.

Graveside services for Ms. Malfi were held Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at Congregation Reform Judaism Cemetery with Cantor Bryce Megdal of Congregation Reform Judaism officiating.

Services entrusted to Beth Shalom Memorial Chapel, 933 Lee Road, Suite 101, Orlando, Florida 407-599-1180.


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