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Mitzvos for Israel

Throughout history, whenever the Jewish people faced danger, in addition to protecting themselves physically, they turned their eyes to their father in heaven and prayed for salvation. 

Nate’s Shul and Chabad of North Orlando has gotten together to help assist those who take upon themselves Mitzvos for the merit of victory and peace in the Holy Land. 

TEFILLIN: Jewish men or boys over Bar Mitzvah who commit to putting on Tefillin every weekday will be given their own pair of Tefilin if they don’t already have their own. 

MEZUZAH: Any Jewish household that does not have a Mezuzah, will be gifted one for their front door. 

SHABBOS CANDLES: Jewish women or girls who commit to light Shabbos candles every Friday night will be gifted candle sticks if they don’t already have their own. 

“Those of us not privileged to physically help our brothers and sisters so far away, the least we can do is Daven and do Mitzvos on their behalf, said Chanshy Majesky co-director of Chabad North Orlando. 

To be eligible for this program, you must have a home address in Longwood, Lake Mary or Sanford 

Offer valid while supplies last 

To sign up for one of the above or if you’d like to help sponsor this program, please visit www.JewishNorthOrlando.com/MitzvosForIsrael.


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