No sympathy for Gazan citizens


November 17, 2023

Dear Editor:

It is not widely known that Yahya Sinwar, one of the top planners of the massacre on Oct. 7 was once a prisoner in Israel for murdering Israelis. While in prison he developed a cancerous tumor on the brain. And yes, you guessed it. He was successfully operated on, had the tumor removed and in gratitude for saving his life he planned the murder of as many Israelis as possible. He was released from prison in exchange for Gilad Shalit, a former IDF soldier who had been abducted and was released in a prison swap in 2011. Another enormous mistake by the Israeli government. All of those released at the time have become murderous terrorists.

People all over the world feel sorry for the suffering, innocent Palestinians in Gaza.

There are no “Innocent Palestinians” in Gaza.

1)The Gazans had elections. They voted for Hamas

2) They allowed Hamas to put weapons into their hospitals, schools, playgrounds and mosques.

3) Mothers are proud when their children kill, especially if Israelis are killed. They celebrate by handing out sweets and dancing in the streets.

4) As early as the age of three they send their children to summer camps to be taught the art of killing.

I don’t buy into the “poor” malnutrition of Gaza residents. I look at crowd scenes when they are rioting or attending funerals (some are staged for the media). The clothes they wear are not shabby, their bodies do not look malnutritioned when compared to Africans who truly suffer from malnutrition.

I’m not sure what Biden means when he says when this war is over “There should be two states for two people.”

Throughout history when the aggressor starts a war and loses, he is punished — except of course the Arabs. Over the last century the Arabs have had a number of opportunities to have a state but they have always chosen war. For Biden to give the Arabs another state (Gaza is an independent entity) would make it easier to attack Israel than it is now. Their stated goal is “From the river to the Sea”. The Arabs do not want independence, they want the destruction of Israel.

It is interesting that NO Arab country has offered to let in the murderous Gazans. They expect the warm hearted, progressive, liberal Westerners to solve the mess for them.

Tova Teitelbaum

Haifa, Israel


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