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Hamas used toxic gas to kill IDF observers

(JNS) — Hamas used a flammable, suffocating gas that causes a loss of consciousness within minutes of exposure to flush out and kill female IDF observers (“tazpaniot“) from the Israeli army’s Nahal Oz command center on Oct. 7.

Families of IDF observers received a harrowing minute-by-minute briefing from a reserve officer after an army investigation into the final moments of their loved ones, Channel 12 reported on Tuesday. 

The main revelation was that terrorists threw a deadly substance into the communications room, one that causes suffocation within minutes. (A specialist noted this was an optimistic timeframe and the gas could work much faster.)

Fifteen female observers and three operations room sergeants were killed that morning. Only six officers and one female observer managed to survive.

“One of the officers tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, but the fire quickly spread,” said the briefing officer, noting that “the terrorists also used the poisonous gas in civilian communities.”

When the smoke began to enter under the door, the soldiers soaked paper with water to try and block it. But the attempt failed and the room began to fill with smoke. 

“There were 22 people in the room and it’s a small room. One of the soldiers tried to open the door, but the soldiers realized that the terrorists were in the corridor,” the officer said.

The soldiers scrambled to leave the room. They were unable to open an emergency exit. One managed to climb out of a bathroom window and helped five others to follow.

“One of the officers climbed back into the bathroom. He shouted but there was no sound and no answer. He went [back] down and the seven survivors clung to the concrete floor,” the briefing officer said.


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