Natalie Sopinsky speaks candidly about Israel's needs


February 23, 2024

Natalie Sopinsky speaking at Fellowship Church on Jan. 30, 2024

Last month, Natalie Sopinsky, spokesperson for Hatzalah Y'osh, Rescuers Without Borders, spoke at The Roth Family JCC as well as at Fellowship Church in Winter Springs. It was clear to all that she really didn't want to be away from Israel. This attitude seems to be that of most Israelis. When there is danger brewing, Israelis run to the source of the danger while so many others run away from it.

Sopinsky came on the insistence of the Hatzalah director who said she needed to tell Americans what has happened and is still happening in Israel.

The director was right to send her. She realized that the media isn't telling the full story, let alone the true story.

In her talk, Sopinsky shared the unfolding of Oct. 7 in her community of Susya, which is south of Hebron and about an hour from Gaza. Because it was a Shabbat and Simcha Torah, cell phones, radios and televisions weren't turned on. It was quiet, except for what sounded like thunder off in the distance.

As Sopinsky walked her two dogs early that morning, she saw what looked like smoke way off toward the west. When she returned to her home, one son who never rises before the sun, was up and dressed in his uniform. He was called up. What's going on? Her husband drove him to the bus depot. You don't drive on Shabbat. What is happening?

This is how it was for many Israelis across Israel that morning. So many were unaware of the unthinkable atrocities happening in the towns close to Gaza.

By the end of the day only eight men were left to guard Susya – a city that is surrounded by Arab communities and does not have a fence around it - all the other men were gone to fight.

Sopinsky has five children. Two of her sons are fighting the war. She keeps busy with her daily routines. Keeping thoughts of her sons at bay. (Read her article on getting back to 'normal' on page 11A).

In her talk at Fellowship, Sopinsky shared what the IDF faces in daily combat. Hamas terrorists lure IDF soldiers close by amplifying voices of hostages or carrying white flags, acting like they are surrendering. They even stole IDF uniforms to pose as IDF soldiers.

Israel fights terror all the time, Sopinsky said. From January to June 2023 there were 3,250 terror attacks in Judea and Samaria. It can be dangerous to drive. When traveling, drivers drive very fast to keep from being attacked. Terrorists will even line a road with rocks to make drivers stop.

"Oct. 7 was a rehearsal," Sopinsky boldly said. "We need to be ready. We need more Jews and we need the Arabs to be afraid. When Israel shows force, the Arabs back off - as in 1948, 1967, 1973 ..."

Sopinsky's primary reason for coming to the U.S. was to share about Rescuers Without Borders. Founded in 2001 because there are no hospitals to serve the 517,000 Jews in 150 communities in Judea and Samaria and it takes Magen David Adom time to get to someone in need because of distance. Rescuers Without Borders has been the primary supporter of volunteer medics, paramedics and ambulance drivers throughout Judea and Samaria, working in full coordination with Magen David Adom in supplying defibrillators, medical equipment, ambulances and training.

After Oct. 7, Hatzalah sent 60 volunteers to the towns affected to help in any way they could - rescuing people, getting people to hospitals, even retrieving body parts. Now they continue to help. Hatzalah volunteers built a large shelter for children with PTSD and 14 shelters in Sderot. They run a horse therapy farm for the children.

Today the organization has over 1,600 volunteers also in the areas around Jerusalem and the Old City. They provide defibrillators, medical equipment, and training for domestic and international volunteers. Rescuers Without Borders is funded completely by private donations and is a registered 501 c 3 charitable organization. They are constantly in need of medicine, medical equipment, and especially an armored ambulance.

"Those of you who want to be connected, I invite you to join us. Be our partner. Support us on a monthly basis. Your contribution to our medics is meaningful and practical," Sopinsky said.  

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