NFL player clarifies remark about Jews


Sgt. Andrew Valenza of the New York National Guard/Flickr

Ahmad ("Sauce") Gardner

(JNS) - Ahmad ("Sauce") Gardner, an American football cornerback for the New York Jets, has clarified that he didn't mean to suggest any antisemitic conspiracies in comments he made on a livestream broadcast with gamer Adin Ross, who is Jewish.

On the Monday show, Ross had described purchasing a Tesla truck from another Jewish man, prompting Gardner to say, "I'm gonna be honest. Like, no funny weird s***. You all run the world."

Gardner then said that Jews "got so much motion throughout the whole world. Y'all gotta see how they be walking in the airport."

Gardner clarified his statement on Tuesday, writing on social media in a post that has gone viral, "I love all people. While my intentions were positive, I just learned that people use those exact words I shared for hate towards Jewish people. That is not what I am about and I appreciate those who took the time to educate me on that fact."

Ross is a popular online personality who streams playing video games on the Kick site, where he has 1.17 million followers. 


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