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  • Supreme Court moves us closer to a colorblind society

    Alan Dershowitz|Jul 14, 2023

    (JNS) — After decades of vacillation, the Supreme Court of the United States has finally and firmly declared that the Constitution does not permit publicly funded universities to consider race, as such, in their admission processes. This is a decision that many, including this author, have been advocating for since the 1970s, when my first law review article appeared, calling for affirmative action to be based on non-racial criteria and individual accomplishments. The Supreme Court has been moving in this direction for some time now, but it h...

  • Why won't Abbas accept 'two states for two peoples'?

    Alan Dershowitz|Jun 23, 2017

    There is a widespread but false belief that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is finally prepared to accept the two-state solution proposed by the United Nations in November 1947, when it divided Mandatory Palestine into two areas: one for the Jewish people, the other for the Arab people. At the time, the Jews of Palestine accepted the compromise division and declared a nation-state for the Jewish people, to be called by its historic name: Israel. The Arabs of Palestine, on the other hand, rejected the division and declared that...

  • Was Israel justified in going after Hamas terrorist tunnels?

    Alan Dershowitz|Sep 12, 2014

    The key question—both legally and morally—in evaluating Israel’s recent military actions is whether the Israeli government was justified in ordering ground troops into Gaza to destroy the Hamas tunnels. This question is important because most of the deaths—among Palestinian civilians, Hamas terrorists and Israeli soldiers—came about after Israeli ground troops attacked the tunnels. These tunnels went deep underground from Gaza to Israel and were designed to allow Hamas death squads to cross into Israel and to kill and kidnap Israeli citizens....