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 By Andrew Tobin    News    June 30, 2017

After Jerusalem attack, US experts warn Islamic State may be coming to Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA)-When the Islamic State claimed credit for an attack on Israeli soil for the first time Friday and vowed to strike again, the response here was not fear but incredulity. Israeli... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    June 30, 2017

Water-Gen launches first water pilot program in Florida

(JTA)-Large parts of Florida are suffering from severe drought, and hurricane season threatens to make things worse. Enter Water-Gen, an Israeli company whose technology captures humidity to... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    June 23, 2017

Israel may ban political opinions in college classrooms-and professors are furious

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israel's minister of education says he wants to protect students from political coercion in the classroom. But critics of a new code of academic conduct he is proposing say it's a... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    Features    June 23, 2017

This outdoor preschool in the Negev is shaking up Israeli education

MITZPE RAMON, Israel (JTA)-It sounds like a Jewish mother's nightmare: a preschool class held outdoors in the desert. But parents in this remote Israeli town drop off their children at Gan Keshet... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    Features    June 9, 2017

An Israeli's alphabet combines Hebrew and Arabic to promote understanding

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Middle East peace may remain out of reach, but at least the Hebrew and Arabic languages have found a compromise. Israeli typography designer Liron Lavi Turkenich has created a stylized... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    June 2, 2017

Short on time, Yad Vashem packing emotion into Trump visit with story of one young victim

JERUSALEM (JTA)-President Donald Trump spent just 30 minutes at Yad Vashem on the second and last day of his visit to Israel, but the leadership of the Holocaust memorial center in Jerusalem... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    Features    May 26, 2017

Israeli startups are driving the car technology revolution. Here's how.

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Israeli startups are revving their engines ahead of the country's largest-ever "smart transportation" event. Over 200 local companies working in transportation technology will be at the... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    Features    May 19, 2017

Israeli paratroopers re-create photo on 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War

JERUSALEM (JTA)-David Rubinger's iconic photograph of three paratroopers at the Western Wall is the defining image of the 1967 Six-Day War. The men in the photo-Dr. Yitzhak Yifat, Tzion Karasenti... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    Features    May 12, 2017

These American immigrants are winning back millions for victims of massive fraud in Israel

TEL AVIV (JTA)-They were part of the problem. Now they are spearheading a solution. A Tel Aviv-based startup run by young American Jewish immigrants to Israel, or olim, has taken on the largely... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    April 21, 2017

Israeli women are fighting for equal pay in high-tech

TEL AVIV (JTA)-High-tech workers know there's no problem that can't be solved with a spreadsheet. So a group of Israeli women seeking to combat the gender wage gap in the industry created one last... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    April 14, 2017

Israeli response to Syrian chemical attack? A wave of donations

TEL AVIV (JTA)-In response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria on Tuesday, Israelis have donated hundreds of thousands of shekels to help children and others caught in the conflict raging on... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    March 31, 2017

New immigrants' soccer team hopes to beat Israel

TEL AVIV (JTA)-"Vamos!" "Pass it!" "Ladrao!" For most of the match on a local field Friday, the Inter Aliyah Club soccer players speak a variety of languages. But when the ball hits the back of the... Full story


Groundbreaking TV comedy introduces Israelis to their Ethiopian neighbors

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Last week, Israelis for the first time saw a black lead character on a homegrown, primetime television show. "Nevsu," a half-hour comedy, focuses on an Ethiopian man who is married to... Full story


Why former US envoy Dan Shapiro keeps staying in Israel

RAANANA, Israel (JTA)-Dan Shapiro can't seem to leave Israel. Before stepping down as the U.S. ambassador to the country in January, he said he would stay long enough for his daughters to finish... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    March 10, 2017

Women's sport you've never heard of is taking Israel by storm

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Every week, thousands of women across Israel gather to play a sport almost no one outside the country has heard of. For that matter, few Israelis knew about catchball, or "cadur-reshet"... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    February 24, 2017

Evangelicals are ready to speak for Israel in Trump's Washington

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Evangelicals, who have been advocating for Israel for years, have historically let the Jews take the lead. Laurie Cardoza-Moore, for one, is excited that they are poised to take on a... Full story


Israel's chief rabbis embrace friendlier approach to marriage, but is it enough?

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Many Israelis feel alienated by the marriage process in their country, fed up with the bureaucracy and strict religious requirements. Some seek to reform the haredi... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    January 13, 2017

Hundreds of Jews respond to John Kerry's speech with West Bank solidarity tour

JERUSALEM (JTA)-About 200 Jews from around the world toured the West Bank in response to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's recent speech warning of the dangers of settlement expansion. The group,... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    January 13, 2017

What Netanyahu and his rivals expect from a 'new era'

JERUSALEM (JTA)—Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expects a “new era” when U.S. President-elect Donald Trump takes office next month. He said as much at a Chanukah candle-lighting ceremony Saturday, where he addressed the United Nations... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    January 13, 2017

Israel's top security experts redraw West Bank map for the Trump era

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Israel's leading security think tank has published a plan to redraw the map of the West Bank in a bid to consolidate major settlements and prevent the spread of others. The plan,... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    January 6, 2017

How the Israeli army wages war on waistlines

NETANYA, Israel (JTA)-One fit young soldier scales a rope. Two others practice hand-to-hand combat. A large group marches across the sand. But those were just the inspirational photographs on the... Full story


Israel's Junior Mr. Universe credits Orthodox upbringing for success

ZICHRON YAAKOV, Israel (JTA)-Kobi Ifrach stood on a stage in England wearing nothing but gold body paint, a Speedo and an Israeli flag. He had just become the first Israeli to win the Junior Mr.... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    December 23, 2016

Jerusalem mayor sees a bright future for city in the Trump era

JERUSALEM (JTA)-It's been nearly 50 years since Israel captured eastern Jerusalem, including the Old City, from Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War. For the past eight years, Nir Barkat has been this... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    December 9, 2016

Top U.S. firefighters 'dropped everything' to help Israel battle the blazes

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Call them Israel's American volunteer fire brigade. Dozens of firefighters from across the United States put their lives on hold-leaving behind jobs and families-to help subdue the... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    December 9, 2016

Breitbart's Jerusalem chief explains site's 'nationalist' appeal

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Stephen Bannon recently called Breitbart News "the most pro-Israel site in the United States of America." That will not change with Bannon leaving the far-right news website for the... Full story


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