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What Israel and the Palestinians make of Trump's recognition of Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (JTA)—Amid the global controversy over President Donald Trump’s recognition last week of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, Israeli and Palestinian leaders actually found rare consensus: They agreed that the development was a w... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    December 15, 2017

At a Jerusalem market, shrugs greet an announcement from President Trump

JERUSALEM (JTA)—President Donald Trump’s official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital may have sent shock waves across the Middle East. But here, in the epicenter of a city where fewer than a million people work, eat, pray and shop, the f... Full story


Sufganiyot get all the hype-but this humble Moroccan doughnut is Israel's Chanukah staple

TEL AVIV (JTA)-The sufganiyah is the plump, shining star of Chanukah in Israel. During the holiday season, the famed jelly doughnut poses in the windows of cafés and bakeries across the country. It... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    November 17, 2017

Israel's judo warriors take the 'gentle way' in pursuit of athletic glory

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Israel's national judo team put on a tutorial in sportsmanship last week in Abu Dhabi. Despite being snubbed by opponents and officials alike, the athletes won five medals and treated... Full story


The latest craze in Israel: pole dancing

TEL AVIV (JTA)-As Hebrew pop music blares, a half-dozen young Israelis swing around stripper poles. Clad in skimpy spandex outfits, the men and women dance, twirl and flip above the hardwood floor.... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    November 10, 2017

In a big anniversary year for Israel, Christian Zionists are seeing signs of the Messiah

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Fifty years since the Six-Day War, 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, 150 years since Mark Twain first visited Palestine. This has been a year of big Israel-related... Full story


Poor Israeli soldiers earn cash by taking on rich colleagues' guard duty

JERUSALEM (JTA)-The Israel Defense Forces takes pride in its status as a "people's army." More than just a military, the IDF embraces its reputation as an equalizing force in Israeli society. Every... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    October 27, 2017

What Palestinian reconciliation means for Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken a wait-and-see approach to last week's Palestinian reconciliation deal. Netanyahu spoke out publicly and loudly against the move tow... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    October 27, 2017

Israeli women have been saying 'Me Too' for years

TEL AVIV (JTA)-International fashion model Maayan Keret said she was raped at the age of 12. Since then, Keret said, she has been harassed or assaulted so many times she "stopped counting." Yael... Full story


A female Israeli combat soldier proudly models for weapons companies

TEL AVIV (JTA)-When it comes to women posing with firearms, the United States is fully loaded. Lithe models can be found showing off weapons at gun shows, in rifle magazines and on dedicated social... Full story


Photos of Holocaust survivors from the SS Exodus are incredible

TEL AVIV (JTA)-In the summer of 1947, when the British turned away the SS Exodus from the shores of Palestine, the world was watching. Before the eyes of the international media, British troops... Full story


Chief Rabbinate telling more and more Israelis they aren't Jews

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israel's rabbinical courts in recent years have ramped up their practice of blacklisting citizens they deem not Jewish, internal data released Sunday show. With increasing frequency,... Full story


Israel gears up to host Italian cycling race

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Stressing the chance to show off Israel to the world, Israeli officials joined with their Italian counterparts in announcing Monday that three stages of the prestigious Giro d'Italia... Full story


This haredi medic pioneered psychological first aid in Israel-now she's helping Houston

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Jerusalem therapist Miriam Ballin is the kind of person who takes the initiative. Despite resistance from her haredi Orthodox community, she became a medic. Then she launched a... Full story


This factory makes thousands of shofars each year

GIVAT YOAV, Golan Heights (JTA)-Shimon Keinan has a business to run. He doesn't have time to teach you how to blow the shofar. But if you come all the way to his Kol Shofar factory here, Keinan is... Full story


Now Israel has its own version of the 'alt-right'

JERUSALEM (JTA)—For many Jews, Nazis are public enemy No. 1, and using Nazi imagery to make a political point is strictly verboten. But some young, right-wing Israelis aren’t buying it. Inspired by the so-called alt-right abroad, their online com... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    September 8, 2017

Israelis again debate the price of a kidnapped soldier's body

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israel's defense minister reignited the emotional national debate over what price the country should be willing to pay for the return of kidnapped soldiers, particularly the bodies of... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    Features    July 28, 2017

U.S. pilots reunite with Israeli 'brothers in arms' from Yom Kippur War

TEL AVIV (JTA)-The arrival of U.S. fighter jets in Israel, part of a month-long arms drop, was critical to turning the tide of the Yom Kippur War in favor of the Jewish state. But for the American... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    July 28, 2017

The first medic to respond to the Temple Mount terror attack was Muslim-here's his story

JERUSALEM (JTA)-When Nedal Sader first heard the crackle of automatic weapon fire Friday morning, he couldn't believe it was coming from the Temple Mount. As a Muslim, he regarded the complex just out... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    July 21, 2017

A Knesset bloc unveils its plan for peace: Total Palestinian surrender

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israel has already defeated the Palestinians. All that's left is for them to surrender. That, at least, was an argument being made in Jerusalem last week. Led by the... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    July 21, 2017

These American Jews are looking beyond the Western Wall-to prayer on the Temple Mount

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Liberal American Jews are feeling thwarted in their years-long campaign for the right to pray as they wish at the Western Wall. Long frustrated that the plaza in front of the wall is... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    July 14, 2017

How Gaza's electricity crisis could spell trouble for Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA)-An internal Palestinian dispute has left Gaza's nearly 2 million Palestinian residents dangerously vulnerable to a heat wave, but Israel could get burned, too. The West Bank... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    July 14, 2017

A haredi Orthodox rabbi explains why his community opposes the Western Wall deal

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Haredi Orthodox Jews agree with their non-Orthodox brethren on one thing: The future of the Jewish people is at stake in the debate raging over who controls the Western Wall and... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    News    July 7, 2017

Decaying relations with Diaspora yield bold words in Israel, but little action

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israeli politicians rushed to condemn their government's decision Sunday to freeze a plan promoting pluralistic prayer at the Western Wall. Voices from across the political spectrum,... Full story

 By Andrew Tobin    Features    July 7, 2017

The West Bank's world class wines have Israelis toasting the settlements

PSAGOT, West Bank (JTA)-Psagot Winery calls its Sinai wine an "unassuming but distinctive blend" of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Like all its wines, the bottle is stamped with the image of a coin... Full story


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