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Choices galore for the Jewish Film Festival

The committee of the 19th Annual Central Florida Jewish Film Festival-(l-r) Jay Glick, Dolores Indek, Harriet Weiss, Risa Tetenbaum, and Sheila Greenspoon-have a tough choice ahead of them as they... Full story


Inez 'Teddy' and Myron Snyder honored at Jewish Pavilion's Music Fest

What better way to memorialize those who have loved and nurtured the arts than by naming a musical festival in their honor? Those were the thoughts of Jewish Pavilion Board member Geanne Share when sh... Full story


America's first base on Israeli soil

Israel and the U.S. inaugurated the first American military base on Israeli soil on Monday, Sept. 18, which will serve dozens of soldiers operating a missile defense system. The move comes at a time of growing Israeli concerns about archenemy... Full story

 By Jonah Cohen    News    September 29, 2017

Are high school books anti-Israel?

When researchers at the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America reported earlier this year that public school history textbooks and curricular materials were indoctrinating students against Israel, some high school officials were... Full story

 By Ben Sales    News    September 29, 2017

How Houston handled the High Holidays after Harvey

(JTA)-A few weeks ago, Holly Davies was getting ready to homeschool her kids and preparing the family for the High Holidays. When Hurricane Harvey hit, she helped evacuate 150 people from her... Full story


Synagogues cancelled Rosh Hashanah services as Maria hit

(JTA)—Puerto Rico’s three synagogues closed for Rosh Hashanah as Hurricane Maria pummeled the island. The synagogues, all in or nearby San Juan, canceled Wednesday evening services for the Jewish New Year and urged members to stay home,... Full story


A farewell party for Howard Kaplan

Congregation Ohev Shalom's Men's Club will be hosting "A Celebration and So Long in the Sukkah" for Men's Club friends and family on Sunday, Oct. 8, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Join with the men for fun,... Full story

 By Adam Abrams    News    September 29, 2017

Meeting highlights warming Israel-Arab ties

At a time of warming relations between Israel and Arab states, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held his first public meeting Monday with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on the... Full story

 By Adam Abrams    News    September 29, 2017

IDF: Israel prepared to 'neutralize' Hezbollah

Despite the raging civil war to Israel’s north and east in Syria, the Jewish state’s northern border has remained precariously quiet over the last decade. No stranger to looming threats, Israeli officials are planning and ready for several... Full story


Israel's efforts to directly engage with Arab population

Galvanized by common threats by Iran and Islamic extremism, Israel and the its fellow Sunni Muslim Arab states have seen an unexpected warming in relations in recent years. However, despite public and closed-door cooperation, Israel still remains... Full story


Israel sends search-and-rescue team to Mexico

JERUSALEM (JTA)—Israel will send a search and rescue team to Mexico in the wake of a severe earthquake—the second to hit the North American nation in two weeks. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the operation and said it would leave for M... Full story


My mother's lipstick

An elderly woman approached her rabbi one year during services. “Rabbi!” she exclaimed, throwing her frail, skinny arms open wide. Given the fact that she stood barely five feet tall, the rabbi... Full story


Talking to Qatar should not mean blessing Qatar

Should American Jewish leaders speak to the rulers of a petrostate that finances Hamas terrorists to blow up their fellow Jews in Israel? That, in essence, is the fraught question emerging from the rumors and reports of recent days that prominent... Full story


Fake news, Palestinian style

A little-reported stabbing incident, coupled with a large dose of Palestinian Authority-generated fake news, have revealed pretty much everything you need to know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It all began Aug. 18. Qatiba Zahran, age 17,... Full story


North Korea's ultimatum to America

The nuclear confrontation between the U.S. and North Korea entered a critical phase Sunday with North Korea’s conduct of an underground test of a thermonuclear bomb. If the previous round of this confrontation earlier this summer revolved around... Full story


We have seen the future, and it looks Orthodox

(JTA)—The 2013 Pew survey “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” shows that Orthodox Judaism, while currently attracting the allegiance of only about 10 percent of all American Jews, is the fastest growing sector of the community. The high birthrate... Full story


What's Happening

MORNING AND EVENING MINYANS (Call synagogue to confirm time.) Chabad of South Orlando—Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. and 10 minutes before sunset; Saturday, 9:30 a.m.; Sunday, 8:15 a.m., 407-354-3660. Congregation Ahavas Yisrael—Monday - Friday, 7:30... Full story


Chief Rabbinate telling more and more Israelis they aren't Jews

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israel's rabbinical courts in recent years have ramped up their practice of blacklisting citizens they deem not Jewish, internal data released Sunday show. With increasing frequency,... Full story


Riss' Knishes in all flavors-a kasha knish anyone?

NEW YORK (JTA)-Larissa Raphael was sick of eating knishes that packed in plenty of potatoes but no punch. "I was like, 'why does the knish need to be bland?'" she said. "I want it to taste really... Full story

 By Yvette Alt    News    September 29, 2017

Tufts University activists publish guide calling Israel a 'white supremacist state'

(JTA)-Tufts University's Hillel is described as "an organization that supports a white supremacist state" in a student-written guide to activist life at the university. The Tufts University... Full story


Scene Around

I received this letter... "As the Jewish year 5777 comes to an end, we must dig deep to find optimism for world Jewry in the coming year," is how it began. It was from RONALD S. LAUDER, President, Wor... Full story


Lamb and Butternut Squash Burekas 

(The Nosher via JTA)-By the time Sukkot arrives, and we are three weeks into nonstop Jewish holiday mode, some people might be a little tired of cooking. I don't blame these people one bit. But... Full story


Israel gears up to host Italian cycling race

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Stressing the chance to show off Israel to the world, Israeli officials joined with their Italian counterparts in announcing Monday that three stages of the prestigious Giro d'Italia... Full story


Apple Pie Kugel Recipe

(The Nosher via JTA)-One day many years ago, during the High Holidays yet, I called my mother early in the morning to yell at her about kugel. Really. In my family kugel meant skinny noodles mixed... Full story


Anne Frank's diary is now a comic book

PARIS (JTA)-In a bid to preserve interest in the Holocaust by future generations, the Basel-based Anne Frank Foundation unveiled the first authorized comic book based on the teenager's famous diary... Full story


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