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Islamic Movement's new leader set to continue pragmatism, working with Israeli government

(JNS) - The southern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel chose a new leader in recent weeks that cements its continued role in the Israeli government. Sheikh Safwat Frij, who previously served...


Iran stalls talks as it ups ante

(JNS) — European diplomats said on Tuesday that if Iran does not demonstrate seriousness in nuclear negotiations with world powers this week, there will be a problem. Andrea Stricker, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies a...


How Israel is being drawn into the Algerian-Moroccan feud

(JNS) Algeria’s decision last week to sever diplomatic ties with its neighbor, Morocco, put the spotlight on the strengthening Israeli-Moroccan relations that were born out of the Abraham Accords. Prof. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, an expert on North A...


Tehran ready to pounce on Afghanistan and Mideast foes in more aggressive stance

(JNS) - Newly installed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi celebrated the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the failure of the United States to leave smoothly after 20 years entrenched in the country,...


Collapse of the PA could provide 'brighter future' for Palestinians

(JNS) - Despite U.S. President Donald Trump's release of the "Peace to Prosperity" Mideast plan earlier this year to help resolved issues associated with the decades-long conflict between Israelis and...


Beset by grievances with Netanyahu's government, Israeli Arabs flex their muscles

(JNS)-The Arab Israeli public came out in force during the second round of elections on Sept. 17, and according to an Arab Knesset member and others, was motivated to prevent the formation of a... Full story


Iran is risking war by upping the ante in conflict with US

(JNS)—As the United States continues to ratchet up pressure on Iran and as Tehran continues to breach the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the question is whether the increased tensions could t... Full story

 By Ariel Ben Solomon    News    July 5, 2019

Supremacists and jihadis form 'two-pronged attack' threatening Jews in US

(JNS)-"Far-right anti-Semitism is on the rise in the United States and Europe, but the response from both Jewish communities and law enforcement agencies has been defensive and case by case, rather... Full story


Palestinians 'definitely' going to reject Trump's Mideast peace plan

By Ariel Ben Solomon (JNS)—The Mideast peace plan soon to be presented by the U.S. administration is likely not going to get very far upon its initial presentation, but it could provide Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Don... Full story


Saudi killing of Khashoggi is 'business as usual' in the Arab world

(JNS) Saudi Arabia's King Salman and his powerful son Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (known for short as "MBS") continue to project stability despite the jitters that the murder of journalist Jamal... Full story


Is an anti-Iran bloc of Russia, U.S. and Israel forming in Syria?

(JNS)-The tensions between Russia and Iran over Syria have intensified of late, and it appears that the interests of Russia, the United States and Israel are coalescing around limiting both Iran's... Full story


Experts: international community 'pretending not to see' Iran's nuke deal violations

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump said that Iran wasviolating the “spirit” of its nuclear deal with the P5+1 powers. Now, it is clear that the Islamic Republic is disregarding the letter of the accord, but the international community is ign... Full story


Unhindered by Trump, Iran's nuclear weapons quest will persist, experts say

Iran is unlikely to halt its drive toward nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles in the aftermath of President Donald Trump's recent refusal to recertify the Islamic Republic's compliance with the... Full story


Israel's efforts to directly engage with Arab population

Galvanized by common threats by Iran and Islamic extremism, Israel and the its fellow Sunni Muslim Arab states have seen an unexpected warming in relations in recent years. However, despite public and closed-door cooperation, Israel still remains... Full story


Israeli debate on Palestinian 'refugees' highlights Arab refusal to take responsibility

While Israeli government ministers in recent weeks have dueled over the acceptance of Palestinian "refugees" in a possible future Palestinian state, experts say the Arab world continues to refuse to... Full story


Why aren't Muslim countries leading the charge on aid

Why aren’t Muslim countries leading givers to the Palestinian cause? The question has renewed relevance upon a United Nations agency’s recent release of its list of donors. The U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East cla... Full story


Will the world come around to Israeli public opinion on Palestinian statehood?

While the international community hangs on to visions of a two-state solution, Israeli public opinion is unified in asserting that the establishment of a Palestinian state is unrealistic and undesirable. Only 12 percent of Jewish Israelis believe a... Full story


Can Israel move toward the 'one-state solution' in the Trump era?

In the aftermath of Secretary of State John Kerry's recent speech defending the United Nations Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements and the Obama administration's refusal to veto th... Full story


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