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How a Chinese fruit became a Sukkot symbol

NEW YORK (JTA) - The holiday of Sukkot isn't complete without a lulav and an etrog, the four species that Jews are commanded to wave on the harvest holiday. But according to a new book, it wasn't...


Jews have lived in Bahrain for 140 years - the country's peace deal with Israel changes their lives

(JTA) - Ebrahim Dahood Nonoo, the leader of Bahrain's tiny Jewish community, was among the Gulf country's approximately 50 Jews who thought peace with Israel would never arrive "in our lifetimes."...


Why Jews dip apples in honey on Rosh Hashanah and why vegans say the custom is a problem

NEW YORK (JTA) - The truth is, there is no commandment in Judaism to dip an apple in honey on Rosh Hashanah. But what would the Jewish New Year be without the custom? It's a question that bedevils...


Israel and UAE reach US-brokered deal to normalize relations

(JTA) — In a diplomatic breakthrough, Israel and the United Arab Emirates are normalizing ties. The deal was finalized in a phone call on Thursday, Aug. 13, between President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheikh...


Reform movement gets $600,000 grant

By(JTA) — The Reform movement has received a $600,000 multi-year grant to support racial equity, inclusion and diversity work. The Union for Reform Judaism said Wednesday that it had received funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to fight...

 By Josefin Dolsten    News    July 24, 2020

Bari Weiss, opinion editor with anti-Semitism focus, resigns

(JTA) - Bari Weiss, the Jewish opinion writer and editor who has been a lightning rod for left-wing critics, has resigned from The New York Times. The author of a much-discussed recent book on anti-Se...

 By Josefin Dolsten    News    June 5, 2020

These kosher NYC restaurants have closed permanently

(JTA) — Many New York City restaurants are closing for good as their owners are unable to pay rent during the state’s shutdown, which has now gone on for more than eight weeks. In addition to the city’s high rents, eateries catering to...


A Paris chef is making mouthwatering kosher meals for Jewish doctors and nurses - for free

(JTA) - When she's not busy with her four kids, Ellie Balouka can usually be found in her kitchen at home in Paris, where she makes colorful salads, creative stuffed baguettes and poke bowls that... Full story

 By Josefin Dolsten    News    April 17, 2020

From works of art to face shields

(JTA)—On a typical day, the art center at Kohelet Yeshiva High School in suburban Philadelphia is filled with students working on a range of projects—from making ceramic bowls on the pottery wheels to creating wooden sculptures. They use the 3-D... Full story


6 Jewish coronavirus initiatives you can support from home

(JTA)-As the coronavirus continues to spread, synagogues, Jewish centers and other organizations that serve as gathering places for the community around the world have closed. But even while communiti... Full story


9 incredible donations to the US Holocaust Museum from New York family artifacts

NEW YORK (JTA)-A hand-drawn portrait of a young man in a French internment camp. A photo of a Jewish girl who survived the Holocaust by hiding in a monastery. A letter detailing efforts to improve... Full story

 By Josefin Dolsten    News    March 20, 2020

New Jersey rabbis decide to shut down their Jewish community

(JTA)-Larry Rothwachs, a rabbi in Teaneck, New Jersey, walked into the meeting Wednesday night between local Jewish leaders and health officials with one set of ideas about how his community should... Full story

 By Josefin Dolsten    News    March 20, 2020

Preparing for the 'worst-case scenario': Jewish aid groups scramble amid the coronavirus outbreak

NEW YORK (JTA)-The run-up to Passover is the busiest time of the year for Masbia, a nonprofit that operates three kosher soup kitchens in Brooklyn and Queens. The organization has to order all... Full story

 By Josefin Dolsten    News    March 6, 2020

Synagogue Jews fleeing Cuba built in Miami is struggling

MIAMI BEACH (JTA)-Palm trees line the entrance to the Cuban Hebrew Congregation, where on a recent Saturday morning, about a dozen elderly people gathered for services. Congregants greeted each other... Full story


New York City's latest tactic to combat anti-Semitism: An ad campaign featuring diverse Jewish New Yorkers

NEW YORK (JTA)-New York City is hoping that a new ad campaign will make Jewish New Yorkers feel comfortable despite a recent spate of anti-Semitic attacks. The campaign, launched Wednesday by the... Full story


Here's how Jewish groups are reacting to the Trump peace plan

(JTA)—Reactions to President Donald Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan unveiled Tuesday took a predictable path, with Jewish groups on the right praising the much-anticipated proposal and those on the left criticizing it. The proposal, which... Full story


Trump's Middle East peace plan has 99 problems, but Israeli engineers say a tunnel ain't one

(JTA)-President Donald Trump's long-awaited peace plan has been met with plenty of skepticism since its release on Tuesday. Could Trump actually be the one to settle a decades old conflict where so... Full story


Jason Greenblatt, Trump's former Middle East negotiator, isn't sure that Israelis and Palestinians are ready for peace

TEANECK, N.J. (JTA)-Jason Greenblatt, President Donald Trump's former Middle East negotiator, made his first public speech since leaving the White House on Sunday night. Greenblatt, 52, who worked as... Full story


New York Democrats condemn anti-Semitic attacks, but admit they're not sure why they are happening

NEW YORK (JTA)-In the wake of several attacks on Jews in the New York area in recent months, seven House Democrats representing districts of New York City held a news conference to emphasize that... Full story


Jersey City official refers to Jewish 'brutes'

(JTA)—A Board of Education member in Jersey City has sparked controversy with social media comments following the shooting last week at a kosher market there. “Where was all this faith and hope when Black homeowners were being threatened, intimid... Full story


Speaking to Israeli-American group, Trump slams Jews who 'don't love Israel enough'

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (JTA)-President Donald Trump slammed American Jews who he said did not sufficiently "love Israel." "So many of you voted for the people in the last administration. Some day you will ha... Full story


The Jersey City kosher supermarket shooting rattled a tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (JTA)—Hours after gunfire that started in a cemetery and ended in a shootout at a kosher supermarket here left six dead on Tuesday, there were more questions than answers. As of Tuesday night, the crime scene was cordoned off,... Full story


Sacha Baron Cohen calls social media 'the greatest propaganda machine in history'

NEW YORK (JTA)-Sacha Baron Cohen has made a career out of playing absurd comedic characters, from the dopey Brit Ali G to the Kazakh journalist Borat to the Israeli veteran Erran Morad. He rarely... Full story


The Actors' Temple: Inside the synagogue where Broadway's biggest stars used to pray

NEW YORK (JTA)-On a recent Friday night, about 20 people gathered for Shabbat services at the Actors' Temple, a synagogue just a few blocks from Times Square. Rabbi Jill Hausman greeted each one by... Full story


These Jews made Time magazine's new list of 'rising stars'

(JTA)—Time magazine is building on its list of the most influential people of the year by releasing a list of “rising stars,” or what it calls the Time 100 Next. The list features what the publication says is an increasing number of... Full story


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