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What is the solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem?

Considering the perspectives of the Israeli and Palestinian populations, and seeing the reality on the ground, a two-state solution seems like the best option for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The Media’s Perspective Let’s begin by...


Why is a Palestinian Arab State not yet established?

Loud voices of “fair but not biased” countries, members of the UN, and “well informed but not at all anti-Semitic” private citizens can be heard almost daily demanding the establishment of a Palestinian state. Why is it not established yet?...


Who is Jewish? A comment on the national Jewish population survey

If one would ask a member of any ethnic group who he or she is, the answer would be “I am Italian,” “I am French,” and so on. That person would be surprised if the follow-up question was, “What makes you Italian or French?” When a Jewish...


The refugee problem: Is it resolvable?

Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have started once again. Hopefully, despite the many problems which must be resolved, they will end with better results than previous ones. One of the main problems is that of Palestinian refugees, as they are...


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