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 By David Suissa    Opinions    July 25, 2014

The honesty of war

There’s something about war that can make intelligent people look foolish. I’m thinking right now of all those smart people in Tel Aviv who analyzed the subtleties of peace at the Haaretz Peace Conference—only a few hours before Jew-hating... Full story

 By David Suissa    Opinions    June 20, 2014

Paralyzing narratives: Why peace keeps failing

We’re so used to seeing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process fail that we often overlook this simple question: How is it possible that so many can try so hard for so long and still fail to make any progress? How can it be that the United States,... Full story


U.S. suckers on the loose

When I see the earnest and eager John Kerry globe-trotting the world in his sharp business suits trying to convince mullahs not to build a nuclear bomb, I can’t help but have these politically incorrect thoughts that are loaded with stereotypes. Th... Full story


Hawking and Mohammed

There was so much Jewish outrage in the wake of professor Steven Hawking’s decision to join the academic boycott against Israel, it’s hard to know where to start. The most dramatic expression of that outrage could be found in the many commentarie... Full story


Best. Site. Ever.

It’s common these days to micromanage what information we receive. Many of us have a list of favorite Web sites and blogs we regularly go to, as well as Facebook pages and mobile apps that reflect our individual tastes and ideologies. It’s a way... Full story


Can common sense save Judaism?

It’s funny how the American Jewish community has a way of getting all breathless and excited when a new study comes out, as is happening right now with the new Pew survey. As if we needed all this sophisticated evidence to remind us that Judaism... Full story

 By David Suissa    Opinions    July 19, 2013

In Egypt, pita over Allah

It’s tempting to see the chaos in Egypt right now, with President Morsi ousted and his Muslim Brotherhood party discredited, as just another failure of government. But there’s another aspect to this failure—and that is religion. It’s... Full story

 By David Suissa    Opinions    June 7, 2013

Israel's better place

As we witness the latest attempts to restart the comatose peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, we heard about the recent shutting down of Better Place, a much-ballyhooed Israeli venture that aimed to revolutionize the world of electric... Full story

 By David Suissa    Opinions    May 17, 2013

A mitzvah called shmooze

In a crummy economy, people are always looking for good investments—a promising stock, a real estate opportunity, a star mutual fund. It’s really not that different in the “mitzvah economy”—donors and do-gooders are also looking to squeeze... Full story


Suckers at the Casbah

Apparently, there are smart people out there who still believe it’s up to Israel to revive the dead Middle East peace process. Just last week, over 100 prominent American Jews released a letter, sponsored by the Israel Policy Forum (IPF), urging Is... Full story


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