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Jewish wisdom is also Jewish power

(JNS) — What is the mainstream expression of Jewish power? When superstars with millions of followers like Kanye West and Kyrie Irving exhibit anti-Semitic behavior, more often than not it revolves around a sinister view of Jewish power. Jews are...


Suckers at the Casbah: America getting played again by Iran

(JNS) — Some people are surprised that the terror regime in Iran has been more conciliatory of late in the negotiations to return to the 2015 nuclear deal. Because the process has taken so long, they assumed that the mullahs were serious, rather...

 By David Suissa    Opinions    July 22, 2022

Has anyone noticed that Israel is becoming a country for humanity?

(Jewish Journal via JNS) — While much of the conversation around Israel revolves around its conflict with the Palestinians, the BDS movement against the Jewish state, Iran’s nuclear threat and political elections that never end, there’s a...

 By David Suissa    Opinions    June 3, 2022

Israel should take Abbas to International Criminal Court

(Jewish Journal via JNS) — We’re seeing again how Israel can fight so well with weapons but so badly with words. Take the death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, which has turned into an international incident. She was fatally shot...


If Putin loses, history wins

(Jewish Journal via JNS) — The conventional wisdom is that Vladimir Putin’s naked aggression toward Ukraine is taking us back to more primitive times. Indeed, for most of human history, it was raw power that ruled. If a tyrant wanted something,...

 By David Suissa    Opinions    March 4, 2022

The decline of free societies is rooted in these two words

(JNS) — On Feb. 24, 2020, former Indian Supreme Court justice Deepak Gupta delivered a lecture to the Bar arguing that “the right to dissent is the most important right granted by the Constitution.” Gupta took the ancient idea of challenging...


Dear Whoopi: Race or no race, Jews were murdered because they were Jews

The brouhaha around Whoopi Goldberg has been hijacked by the red herring of race. Instead of focusing on the horrific murder of 6 million Jews strictly because they were Jews, we’re arguing over whether these murdered Jews should be considered a...


Why is no one talking about the security failure on Jan. 6?

There are bad people in this world who do bad things. Sometimes they’ll blow up buildings or shoot people in schools or burn down a police precinct or even violently riot at the U.S. Capitol. When these horrible crimes are committed, some of the...


Once again, the UN treats Israel like the most evil country on Earth

(Jewish Journal via JNS) — While tens of millions of poor souls are dying and starving under brutal regimes in places like Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Congo and Somalia, among others, the United Nations decided last Thursday that only one...


Will the Delta variant spoil the High Holiday comeback?

(JNS) — Just as things were returning to normal, and rabbis across America were eagerly anticipating a full reopening for the High Holy Days, the Delta variant showed up. Oh no, not again. Need I remind you that nearly every synagogue and Jewish...


Cuomo endorsed the investigation that found him guilty

(Jewish Journal, JNS) — Five months ago, with his back to the wall and facing calls from his own allies to resign, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had a ready answer to the accusations of sexual misconduct that were engulfing him: Let’s wait for the...

 By David Suissa    Opinions    July 23, 2021

Point: Critical race theory wants to define us - we shouldn't allow it

(The Jewish Journal via JNS) — Whose job is it to define who I am? Is it an institution’s job or is it mine? In all the brouhaha over critical race theory, this question is rarely asked. That may be because much of the controversy over CRT has...

 By David Suissa    Opinions    May 21, 2021

While terrorists try to murder Jews, Omar flips the script

(Jewish Journal via JNS) — Palestinian terror groups such as Hamas have a surefire strategy to win over the world’s sympathy: fire rockets into Israeli territory, trigger an Israeli response and wait for the global outrage against Israel’s...


A meltdown at The New York Times

(Jewish Journal via JNS) — When the top editor of the world’s newspaper of record flips and flops and flips again on a subject as sensitive as the use of the N-word, you know things are getting messy at The New York Times. And when a Pulitzer...


A vaccine miracle

(Jewish Journal via JNS) - Before World War II, there were about 50,000 Jews living in Salonica (or Thessaloniki), the largest Jewish community in Greece. Between March and August 1943, the Germans...


Why this is the ideal time for a Zionist Spring

Israel-haters must not be very happy these days. All of a sudden, the big lie that nourished their anti-Zionist venom for so long is slipping away. For more than 50 years, diplomatic geniuses kept telling the world that “the key to peace in the...

 By David Suissa    Opinions    July 24, 2020

Bari Weiss' resignation letter did a service to press freedom

I grew up worshipping The New York Times. To this day, I live on the paper’s home page. Only lately, as much as I still enjoy much of its cultural reporting, my jaw drops when I see the homogeneity of opinion. Virtually every op-ed and regular colu...


imouna: The very opposite of social distancing

(Jewish Journal via JNS)—On Thursday night, as sundown falls on the holiday of Passover, Sephardic Jews everywhere will celebrate the centuries-old tradition of Mimouna. This is the night when Jews open their doors to their neighbors, offering... Full story


A virus is uniting us, whether we like it or not

(JNS)—I read in The New York Times this week that German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that two-thirds of the German population could end up infected by the coronavirus. That would be 55 million people—in one country alone. Meanwhile, all of... Full story


Purim, AIPAC, Bernie, Biden, Bibi

(JNS)—It was one of those weeks where every day brought another great idea for a column. First, I attended an insightful lecture by Rabbi Meir Soloveichik at Beth Jacob Congregation that connected the festival of Purim with Abraham Lincoln and... Full story

 By David Suissa    Opinions    March 6, 2020

No more sitting ducks: Jews need to learn self-defense

(JNS)—After each anti-Semitic attack, Jews seem to get weaker and more vulnerable. One reason is that instead of taking real action, we prefer to complain and release cliché-ridden statements expressing our “outrage.” If you have a political... Full story


I did the math, and don't see a coalition

(Jewish Journal via JNS)—In the midst of all the promises of “coalitions” after the razor-close Israeli elections, who’s doing the actual math? On one side, you have a right-wing bloc that maxes out at 56 seats, and on the other, a... Full story


Doubling down on Shabbat

(Jewish Journal via JNS)—At a time of rampant assimilation and declining synagogue attendance, how do you get more Jews to connect to their tradition? In recent years, the non-Orthodox streams of Judaism have tackled this challenge with renewed... Full story


Can Jews agree on anything?

(Jewish Journal via JNS)—It’s almost a boring thought these days to observe that we are bitterly divided by our political tribes. Democrats hate Republicans, Republicans hate Democrats. Need we say more? We no longer want to win arguments; we... Full story

 By David Suissa    Opinions    July 5, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez should visit 'The Evidence Room'

(Jewish Journal via JNS)—It’s a sign of how politicized our national discourse has become that nothing is out of bounds—not even the Holocaust. When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) used the charged term “concentration camp” last... Full story


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