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  • Jewish American Priestess: Kohenet Institute ordains women

    Emma Silvers, j. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California|Jul 5, 2013

    Seated cross-legged in the sunny backyard of her north Oakland home, wearing loose, tie-dyed pants, beads around her neck, her hair in tousled braids and sipping kombucha tea—her drum is tucked away for now—Taya Shere brings a few different stereotypes to mind: Hippie. Earth mother. Hebrew priestess. Hebrew priestess? It might not be a familiar archetype, but it is an absolutely accurate term, says Shere. No one bestowed this title upon her at birth; she grew up in Washington, D.C., where she...

  • Kvell on wheels: Roller derby star Fatal Dreidel

    Emma Silvers, j. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California|Jun 7, 2013

    There are still about 10 minutes until the match starts, but the noise from the sellout crowd inside the Oakland (Calif.) Convention Center has reached a dull roar. As the anticipation builds, referees in zebra-striped shirts amble around the track, making sure everything’s up to regulation standards. Groups of tattooed 20- and 30-somethings make their way to the concession stands for tequila shots, beer and tamales; one biker couple in their 60s scopes out the bleachers for any remaining seats....

  • Eyes of a generation: Beat poet Ginsberg's snapshots of his friends

    Emma Silvers, j. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California|May 31, 2013

    In 1976, Steve Silberman, then a 19-year-old freshman at Oberlin College, took a bus to New York City to see Allen Ginsberg read. With Silberman was his first boyfriend. Silberman had been in the closet throughout high school, one of many reasons he drew inspiration from the outspokenly gay Ginsberg. “I sat in the front row, and Allen comes out, and I had never seen a middle-aged man look so happy and fully present and awake and authentic, and there was just no bullshit about him,” recalls Silberman, 55, now a San Francisco writer and con...