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Iran is already nuclearized, so why do we need a deal?

(Israel Hayom via JNS) — The international community under the leadership of the U.S. appears to be closing in on signing a new nuclear deal with Iran. On both sides of the negotiating table, there are those who are taking care to create a thick smok...


Israel is struggling with incitement in Judea and Samaria

(JNS) — Jerusalem’s security outlook, which goes back to the days of Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, is focused first and foremost on responding to existential threats. In the past, this meant regular Arab armies that threa...

 By Eyal Zisser    Opinions    March 12, 2021

Chasing the Zionist dream, one settlement at a time

(JNS) — Exactly one year ago, Israel was poised to realize the dream of applying sovereignty to large parts of Judea and Samaria with U.S. support and the tacit consent of a few Arab states. Israel, however, chose not to take this path, preferring t...


Not just another Iranian general

(JNS)—For many in the Middle East, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force, the Islamic Republic’s elite extraterritorial black-ops arm, embodied Iran’s desires, aspirations and directives with respect to the country’s operations worldwi... Full story


Winds of change are blowing in the Arab street

(JNS)—Joint Arab List leader Ayman Odeh’s announcement that he would be willing to join, or at least support, a center-left government sent shock waves through the Israeli political system. The Zionist parties were predictably quick to discard the... Full story

 By Eyal Zisser    Opinions    August 2, 2019

The opportunity presented by the Arab political crisis

(JNS/Israel Hayom)—The turmoil gripping Israel’s political system ahead of the repeat election in September has not skipped over the Arab parties, among which a war is now raging that makes the struggles among the Zionist parties on both the rig... Full story

 By Eyal Zisser    Opinions    July 26, 2019

Appeasing Iran isn't an option

(JNS)—Early last week Tehran announced its intention to enrich uranium above the level permitted by the nuclear deal to which it is a signatory. Over the weekend, soldiers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps attempted to seize a British oil t... Full story

 By Eyal Zisser    Opinions    May 3, 2019

'Deal of the century': From the Golan to Judea and Samaria

(JNS)—This coming June, upon the conclusion of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the Trump administration will supposedly unveil details of its so-called “deal of the century” to bring an end to the century-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even... Full story


The Arab world prefers stability in Israel

(JNS)—The Arab world has so far been indifferent to the political crisis ‎currently plaguing Israel. This may indicate that the Arabs simply ‎expect the next Israeli elections to bring about more of the same ‎with respect to the makeup and balance... Full story


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