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Notice to the IDF: Southern Lebanon is biblical Israel

(JNS) — Once again, we are seeing Hezbollah threatening us, encroaching on the demilitarized area and daring us to retaliate. In Southern Lebanon, Hezbollah has positioned thousands of rockets aimed at Israel in direct violation of the stipulation...


Israel should consider Ukraine and Russia's treatment of Jews before taking sides

(JNS) — Should Israel align with the West and aid Ukraine its fight against the ongoing Russian invasion? Should Israel remain neutral because it needs to coordinate with Russia in Syria in order to defend Israel’s northern border? Perhaps the...


A call to action: Join the Maccabees

(JNS) — Chanukah is a joyous time, as it should be. But many Jews celebrate it superficially, merely by eating latkes and sufganiyot, spinning dreidels and exchanging gifts. While some light a menorah to commemorate the miracle of the last pure...


An Abrahamic family reunion

(JNS) — Of all the efforts that U.S. President Donald Trump made on behalf of the Jewish people, the most meaningful and lasting may be the orchestration of peace agreements between Israel and its Arab neighbors. The benefits of those accords for s...

 By Gary Schiff    Opinions    May 15, 2020

An open letter to our Jewish family and friends in America

(JNS) We know you have many challenges as Jews in America. We here in Israel just have one question: Can you please explain to us your extreme hatred for the president? In Israel, we so appreciate what he has done for Israel and the Jewish people, ye...


Turning BDS into 'Buy Directly from Samaria'

(JNS)—Israel and many Jewish organizations around the world have responded strenuously to counter the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement. They have taken a strong defensive position, arguing that Israel is being unfairly singled out. But how... Full story

 By Gary Schiff    News    December 13, 2019

This Chanukah, Israel's menorah will be powered by natural gas

(JNS)—Right on schedule, by Chanukah, natural gas from Israel’s Leviathan offshore field will begin to flow to shore. The turn-around in Israel’s energy situation over the past two decades is simply stunning. Just 15 years ago, Israel met 100 p... Full story


An open letter to US Jewry

(JNS)—Who is the most evil: the Nazis or followers of radical Islam, white supremacists or Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour? This is the great American Jewish debate. The not-so-hidden rationale for this passionate debate is to justify loyalty to... Full story


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