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Thoughts about Passover

We can argue if it really happened, but there’s no doubt that the Exodus is a great story, with or without Hollywood stars or best selling authors. Yet it has also been associated with problems. The association of Passover and Easter brought forth... Full story


US and Israeli Jews

Let’s leave the Israeli election to continue brewing. The voting is next week. Nastiness rampant. Currently in the air are comments about U.S. Jews. Where are they? What’s their interest in Israel? That we’ve developed into two separate... Full story


An election without results

The election may not decide anything. The clusters of parties seem nearly tied in recent polls, with neither right nor center-left clearly able to amass the seats need to form a government. What comes next will be long and messy, and ultimately... Full story


Tied score

There are polls every day or two. You can see the latest at  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_polling_for_the_2019_Israeli_legislative_election They pretty much are showing a tie, or close to it between the center-left and the right. Bibi is a... Full story


Who's in charge?

Chaos in both of my countries: Israel’s government collapses, and calls an election for April 9th; U.S. government is wrapped up in a dispute about the wall, pulls out from Syria, and several other claims about the president. Israel’s election... Full story



The idea of Palestine may be somewhere in the dust, but Israel still has problems. There are several cases of recent attacks that were prominent, and the IDF is digging out tunnels coming from Lebanon into northern Israel. Security forces count in... Full story


What's the fuss?

A Saudi journalist went into his government’s consulate in Turkey, and may have exited some time later in a number of parcels. The disappearance has riled the media with the persistence of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. The folks are holding... Full story


Corruption at the top

More than a week ago, the police recommended indictments on a half-dozen of prominent Israelis. The issue concerned the purchase of submarines and other warships from Thyssen Krupp a German firm in the port of Kiel. Involved in the police... Full story


A three-state solution?

It appears that the split between Gaza and the West Bank is serious. There’s a line of culture between us and them that keeps us from knowing what’s occurring. We do know that the Fatah of Mahmoud Abbas is out of touch with the Hamas that control... Full story


Whimsy is the solution, for now

Should we worry about the future? Of course. But how far into the future? We should certainly complete the obligations we have committed to for today. And maybe next week. Beyond that, however, something unforeseen may get in the way. In matters of... Full story


Vietnam, Palestine and Israel

Malcolm Gladwell’s “Saigon 1965,” a chapter in his podcast Revisionist History, brought me back to the University of Wisconsin 1968-75. I participated in campus discussions on Vietnam, and smelled the tear gas used against mass protests.... Full story


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