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  • Calls for Gaza ceasefire ignore the most promising option - Hamas's unconditional surrender

    James Sinkinson|Mar 8, 2024

    (FLAME via JNS) — The clamor for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war is reaching a crescendo—from world leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, and a recently failed U.N. Security Council resolution to ordinary people demonstrating around the globe. But a ceasefire now offers virtually no benefits and would have disastrous consequences—satisfying only the insidious goals of Hamas. A permanent ceasefire would not liberate Gaza, and it would not stop Hamas’s war against Israel—nor would it stop the deaths of innocent Palestinians. Above all...

  • Why are there still Palestinian refugees after 75 long years?

    James Sinkinson|Feb 23, 2024

    (FLAME via JNS)— Refugee crises have afflicted millions of innocent war victims in the last century, but only one has stretched for a record-breaking seven decades — a problem precipitated and perpetuated by Israel’s Arab enemies, including Palestinian Arabs themselves. In 1948, following Israel’s declaration of independence, five Arab nations launched a genocidal war to destroy the nascent Jewish state and annihilate its Jewish population. Despite overwhelming odds, Israel managed to repel the Arab invasion and preserve its indepen...

  • Most pro-Palestinian demonstrators are not just anti-Israel-they are also anti-American

    James Sinkinson|Feb 9, 2024

    (FLAME via JNS) — Hamas’s brutal Oct. 7 massacre unleashed Israel’s enemies across the United States and around the world to demonstrate in support of the terrorist group’s primary objectives—the killing of Jews and destruction of the Jewish state. Many protestors falsely designate Israel a colonial-settler state, asserting—also falsely—that Hamas is justly fighting to liberate a people of color—the Palestinian Arabs. They also maintain erroneously that Jews—as white people—hold a socially privileged position. These beliefs are consistent with...

  • Israel critics unfairly slander the most humane army in history

    James Sinkinson|Sep 15, 2023

    (JNS) — Israel’s detractors accuse the Jewish state of intentionally killing Palestinian civilians. Moreover, they maintain that because in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict many more Palestinians have died than Israelis, Israel uses disproportionate force. Finally, they imply this death toll is the outcome of Israel blocking a solution to the conflict. Of course, each of these accusations is an outright lie. The truth is, the Israel Defense Force does its utmost to avoid civilian casualties. The IDF’s Code of Ethics stresses the i...

  • Palestinian society sinks into shamble

    James Sinkinson|Aug 18, 2023

    (JNS) — Palestinian society is in disarray. In two major West Bank towns—Jenin and Nablus—the Palestinian Authority has lost control, and rogue gangs rule the land. Last week, thousands of Gazans protested in the streets—risking brutal backlash from the Hamas regime. Meanwhile, talks in Egypt meant to reconcile the P.A. and Hamas after 17 bitter years have again hopelessly failed. All this takes place as the Biden administration tries to pressure Israel and Saudi Arabia into a “normalization” deal contingent on concrete steps toward a Pa...

  • CAIR is no solution to antisemitism: It's part of the problem

    James Sinkinson|Jul 14, 2023

    (JNS) — How could the notoriously antisemitic Council on American-Islamic Relations have ended up — embarrassingly — as a “resource” in President Biden’s National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism? CAIR was launched in 1994 by a Muslim Brotherhood-related Hamas support group called the Palestine Committee. The organization was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a 2007 trial that convicted five former officers of the Holy Land Foundation for funneling millions of dollars illegally to the murderous terror group Hamas. Moreover, CAIR’s stat...

  • DEI programs encourage campus antisemitism

    James Sinkinson|Jun 23, 2023

    (JNS) — Despite their noble-sounding title, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs in American universities and colleges exclude and often attack Jews, already the single most persecuted minority in the United States. Worse still, evidence shows that despite the vast budgets and bloated bureaucracies dedicated to DEI initiatives, they have proven to be ineffective at improving the campus experience of marginalized groups. Studies show the prevalence of antisemitism — largely its anti-Zionism form — is skyrocketing on U.S. college and unive...

  • Why the Palestinians have failed to create a state

    James Sinkinson|May 12, 2023

    (FLAME via JNS) — Over the last 75 years, since Israel’s founding, the Palestinians have achieved the dubious distinction of being among the world’s most persistent and brutal terrorists. Against all evidence, Palestinian leaders apparently believe this strategy will eventually achieve self-determination. Note that the world’s most famous and beloved leaders usually motivate their people with an uplifting vision regarding how to achieve freedom, prosperity, or greatness. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, for example, was an inspir...

  • A rising movement wants to drive Jews out of academia

    James Sinkinson|Oct 21, 2022

    (JNS) A movement is now afoot in the United States to drive Jews out of higher education — both teachers and students. The movement, using the poisoned spear tip of anti-Zionism, is gaining momentum. It is reminiscent of nothing less than the movement to expel Jews from the educational system in Nazi Germany. In 1933, Germany’s new civil service law excluded Jewish university professors as well as Jewish elementary and secondary school teachers from the profession. In the same year, Germany’s Law Against Overcrowding in Schools and Unive...

  • Why do radicals support Palestinians seeking to destroy Israel and kill Jews?

    James Sinkinson|Dec 10, 2021

    (JNS) — Though Palestinian leaders are sworn enemies of Israel—and have vowed to destroy the Jewish state — they still have many supporters among radicals on the far left in the United States and Europe. Much of this support comes not from a factual analysis of the issues surrounding this hundred-year conflict, but rather from sympathy for the perceived “underdog.” In many cases, Israel’s enemies are misinformed; others cynically support the Palestinians by telling lies about Israel’s “apartheid,” “genocide” or “occupation of Palest...

  • Redividing Jerusalem: Perverse symbolism by the US State Department

    James Sinkinson|Nov 5, 2021

    (FLAME via JNS) What seemed a few months ago like just another whim of the overzealous “New Guard” now running the U.S. State Department seems today like a determined effort to take Israel down a peg. Since day one, the new administration has talked about reestablishing warm relations with the Palestinian Authority by reopening its Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem. Ha, ha, very funny, thought many of us: There’s no state of Palestine, Jerusalem is the U.S.-recognized capital of Israel, the Palestinians are still paying terrorists to kill...

  • The Palestinian war on Israel is a war on truth

    James Sinkinson|Aug 6, 2021

    (FLAME via JNS) — There’s no doubt that Arabs have lived in the Holy Land for many hundreds of years. You can’t blame them for making claims to some of the land. Arabs today control about 97 percent of the Middle East, and Palestinian Arabs represent about 70 percent of the population of Israel’s neighbor, Jordan. The problem is, Palestinian Arabs flatly deny that Jews have also lived in this land — especially that they have dwelled on their tiny sliver of territory continuously for over 3,000 years. This rejection of Jewish history leads Pal...

  • Palestinian Authority kills and tortures dissenters while the media yawns

    James Sinkinson|Jul 16, 2021

    (FLAME via JNS) — As the Palestinian Authority tightens its iron grip on dissent in the West Bank—and a dissident is brutally murdered while in P.A. custody—Western media virtually ignore the story. One Palestinian activist accuses the United States government itself of supporting the increased repression. Ironically, just last February, P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas seemed to have found a new love for the freedom of speech. Reversing more than a decade of strangling speech critical of his regime, he decreed a ban on “the detention, arrest,...

  • It's time to expose Muslim antisemitism

    James Sinkinson|Jul 2, 2021

    (FLAME on JNS) — With antisemitism at record highs in the United States and around the world, many prefer to focus purely on right-wing and neo-Nazi Jew-hatred, rather than on the larger problem: Hatred of Jews and the Jewish state in the Arab and Muslim world, home to a population of hundreds of millions. Unfortunately for the truth, the intersectionalist left is quick to oppose factual evidence of widespread Muslim antisemitism, using accusations of Islamophobia. Indeed, many on the left dismiss racism on the part of “oppressed people of col...

  • When will Jewish refugees from Arab nations get the justice they deserve?

    James Sinkinson|Dec 4, 2020

    (FLAME via JNS) — When the mainstream media and United Nations refer to refugees in the context of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, they’re usually referring only to the so-called Palestinian refugees. While much can be said about the Palestinian refugees and their controversially unique and privileged status globally, the media and international organizations rarely address hundreds of thousands of Jews who were forcibly exiled from their homes and communities in the Middle East and North Africa during the mid-20th century. While many, if not...

  • Has the UN completely exhausted its moral legitimacy?

    James Sinkinson|Nov 6, 2020

    (FLAME via JNS) — On Sept. 21, the United Nations marked its 75th anniversary with a one-day, high-level meeting of the U.N. General Assembly on the theme: “The Future We Want, the U.N. We Need: Reaffirming our Collective Commitment to Multilateralism.” While the goals of cooperation and dialogue are lofty and important, judging by its achievements of the last few decades, the U.N. can be deemed a failure. It has not prevented war or conflict, it has been rocked by corruption and scandal and it has largely been used by dictatorships and seria...

  • New Dershowitz memoir is a must-read for Israel advocates

    James Sinkinson|Sep 27, 2019

    (JNS)-World-renowned author, criminal lawyer, Harvard law professor and civil rights defender Alan Dershowitz sets the tone for his support of Israel in the introduction to his new memoir, succinctly explaining the global injustice-based on unrelenting anti-Semitism-meted out against the world's only Jewish state: "No country faced with comparable threats can boast a better record of human rights, a higher regard for the rule of law, or greater efforts to reduce civilian casualties. Nor has any... Full story