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 By Jason Shvili    News    March 1, 2024

Biden courts pro-terror voters in desperate re-election bid

(FLAME via JNS) — If members of the Ku Klux Klan vote overwhelmingly Republican, should Republican politicians adopt policies that curry favor with white supremacists? Certainly not. It would not only be wrong, it would also offend the vast m...


Oslo Accords: Misstep on the road to Israel's liberation

(JNS) — Depending on the pundit, the Oslo Accords were at best a broken dream, at worst a deadly disaster. No one calls them a success. Thirty years ago this month, in 1993, Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization signed the first of the O...


What Biden's $6 billion ransom teaches our enemies

(JNS) — Reports confirm the Biden administration will gift Iran a whopping $6 billion in exchange for the release of five American hostages. This decision is a godsend for outcast regimes and terrorists around the world—starting with Iran its...

 By Jason Shvili    Opinions    June 30, 2023

Why do Israel's enemies deny a Jewish link to the Temple Mount?

(JNS) — “Al-Sharif [the Arabic/Muslim name for Jerusalem’s Temple Mount] belongs exclusively to the Muslims,” proclaimed Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations General Assembly on May 15. Notwithstanding a prepond...

 By Jason Shvili    Opinions    June 9, 2023

Stop the lie: Israel never ethnically cleansed Palestinians

(JNS) — While the Palestinian Arabs are determined to memorialize and perpetuate their displacement as a national emblem of victimhood, tens of millions of people who were displaced in other modern wars have bravely moved on to create new lives in n...


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