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Lorde is swimming in anti-Semitic waters

On Dec. 14, the star singer-songwriter Lorde tweeted, not uncharacteristically, “my cutie tour mate covered the heart song.” A week later, she was taking a crash course on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By Christmas Eve, she had acquired... Full story

 By Jonathan Mark    News    July 5, 2013

Agunah Summit revisits plan to create liberal religious courts

Some agunot, observant Jewish women trapped in unwanted marriages, wait many years for a Jewish divorce. Meanwhile, a number of activists after having devoted decades to the cause, have begun to wonder whether a solution to the agunah crisis is... Full story


Payback: The art of revenge

In the children’s magazine Highlights, home to those moral opposites Goofus and Gallant, we can imagine that revenge is for the likes of Goofus, while Gallant waits for judge and jury. Vengeance is unseemly, the province of the unhinged, while... Full story

 By Jonathan Mark    Features    May 3, 2013

Frum dress codes v. human rights?

By Jonathan Mark New York Jewish Week For years, the modest dress of Satmar chasidim, and their request that visitors dress in kind, was seen by some non-Jews as Amish-like charming, by some liberal Jews as annoying or religious bullying, and within... Full story


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