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Bomb Iran to stop a wider war in Europe and protect Taiwan

Putin’s war against Ukraine is far from Tehran. But if the Biden administration hopes to deter Russia in Ukraine, and its growing alliance with China and Iran, it needs to move decisively against Iran’s nuclear assets now. The war in Europe and...


Don't just destroy the Iran Deal-deliver an alternative

May 8, 2018, the day that Donald Trump announced that he’s pulling America out of the nuclear deal with Iran, will mark the inauguration of a new American-Israeli-Arab alliance in the Middle East and a major realignment of US strategic interests. T... Full story


Iran's takeover of Lebanon

Not long ago, I authored a column for The Boston Herald warning of yet another Middle East humanitarian crisis in the making. Sadly, that prediction appears well on its way to becoming reality. Lebanon was once one of the most progressive and liberal... Full story


Iranian brutality, European cowardice, US leadership

In March 1979, shortly after the mullahs grabbed power and dragged Iran into theocratic dictatorship, destructive wars and terrorism, Iranian women took to the streets to protest the forced hijab. “Freedom is not eastern, not western, it is... Full story


It's time to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

President Trump’s first overseas trip in May 2017 coincided with a very special day—the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, when for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple by Roman armies 2000 years ago,... Full story


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