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  • National Geographic deprecates Jewish theology and ignores archeological fact

    Karen Bekker|Sep 1, 2023

    (JNS) — Earlier this summer we saw multiple media outlets using various methods to attempt to separate Jews from their holiest site, the Temple Mount. Now National Geographic continues this trend in a long article by Andrew Lawler that privileges the Muslim narrative regarding the site. (“An unprecedented look inside one of Jerusalem’s holiest—and most controversial—landmarks,” August 15.) The article does not ignore Jewish claims, but subtly denies their credence. For example, Lawler states that “Many Jews believe the dome [of the Rock] sta...

  • Airbnb discriminates against Jews, as media skews facts

    Karen Bekker|Dec 21, 2018

    (CAMERA via JNS)—Airbnb, the worldwide online lodging service, has been in the headlines recently for succumbing to pressure by anti-Israel NGOs, most prominently Human Rights Watch, to delist (that is, boycott) Jewish-owned properties in disputed Judea and Samaria. Some of the media coverage has been a pretext to repeat distortions about the territory and Israel, and far too few stories have shone a light on the deep bias of Human Rights Watch and its staffers. The company claims it is evaluating situations on a “case-by-case” basis, but so fa... Full story