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  • Ukraine on Fire: Voices from the midst of the tragedy

    Prof Kenneth Hanson, First Person|Mar 25, 2022

    My friend and colleague Toliy is a Ukrainian professor, who lives in a small city called Ostroh, in the western part of the country. He, like so many of his compatriots, now suffering under the relentless advance of Vladimir Putin's militant barbarism, is not going anywhere. He and his wife, Larisa, remain in this university town, doing whatever they can to do battle for their nation. Toliy writes: "Our women as well as men are ready to take up arms and fight against the invaders ... This traged...

  • The Israel and UAE peace deal: The honey and the thorn

    Kenneth Hanson|Aug 21, 2020

    Israel’s celebrated songstress and unofficial poet laureate, who authored the classic melody “Jerusalem of Gold,” the late Naomi Shemer, subsequently wrote a far more melancholy tune called “The Honey and the Thorn.” It describes the heartbreak of the Jewish settlers in the Israeli town of Yamit, on the Egyptian border, who (in 1982) were forcibly dragged from their homes by the Israel Defense Force, as part of the “land for peace” deal that brought about the formal recognition of the Jewish state by Anwar Sadat’s Egypt back in 1979. The homes...

  • 'Whose Holy Land?' - an excerpt

    Kenneth Hanson Ph.D., Jerusalem July 2011 C.E.|Jul 17, 2020

    By Kenneth Hanson, Ph.D. Jerusalem, July, 2011 C.E. A tiny bell. A tiny golden bell. Might this be the "signal" for which a small sect of faithful Israelites have waited for two millennia, declaring that the time is ripe for rebuilding the ruined temple of Jerusalem? By contrast might it be a "provocation," as Palestinian sources claim, in the ongoing conflict over who owns the most disputed piece of real estate on earth? According to Palestinian television news, "Israeli sources said that a...

  • Underdogma

    Kenneth Hanson Ph.D.|Nov 16, 2018

    I know a thing or two about underdogs, having lived for some time in an underdog town in an underdog country. The town: Kiryat Shmona. The country: Israel. To the north and to the west, beyond a ridge of high hills, lay Lebanon. To the east, beyond majestic Mount Hermon, stretched Syria. I was hired for the crew of an American television broadcasting and news gathering operation headquartered in Marjayoun, southern Lebanon. This was a good three decades ago, and in those days, the south of Lebanon amounted to Israel’s “security belt.” The Leban...

  • The Jews of Ukraine: Yesterday and today

    Dr. Kenneth Hanson|Aug 26, 2016

    There is an anonymous saying shared by the global "tramping" community: "Go far, stay long, see deep." Having spent three months during the summer of 2016 tramping from one continent to the next, I can certainly empathize. It began in Siberia, visiting the family of my Russian-born wife, and continued from Spain to Turkey, and places in between, culminating with several weeks spent in Ukraine. Specifically, I was asked to serve as a visiting lecturer in the International Summer School of...