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 By Mark Langfan    Opinions    July 14, 2017

Analysis: Two-State Solution = demographic suicide for Israel

Well, I’ll admit I was wrong. It happens. In the body of an article of mine about four months ago, I asserted that if Israel allowed the creation of any type of ‘West Bank Palestinian State’ where Israel did not have the absolute right to restr... Full story


Israeli concessions make it look like Israel is wrong

Israel must stop acting and thinking as if “Peace Concessions” buy Israel an ounce of legitimacy. The reality is that Israel’s “Peace Concessions” only prove to the Muslims, and to the average American viewer, that Israel has no right to... Full story


It ain't over till it's over, but one can step back and learn

Here are some preliminary take-aways from the 2014 Gaza War (which may not even be over yet): 1. Obama, not America, is an enemy of Israel, and an ally of Hamas. Did Winston Churchill ever call and warn Eva Braun to leave the Hitler’s Berlin... Full story


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