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Religious freedom and the coronavirus pandemic

No group in America is more sensitive about religious freedom than the Jewish community. Although we have many differences of opinion concerning public policy issues I think it is fair to say we speak with one voice when it comes to defending... Full story


Overwhelmed by events!

Most columnists dread the well-known malady of “writer’s block,” particularly when their editor’s deadline for submission edges ever closer and closer. My problem, as I worked on this week’s column was not “writer’s block” but too... Full story


Two nights in Aqaba-Part 3

Having made it through the stress of our border crossing into Jordan (described in my previous column of Feb. 28, 2020), my son and I now found ourselves standing in the Jordanian night with our Jordanian greeter no where in sight. We watched as the... Full story


Two Nights in Aqaba - Part 2

The next morning, having arrived in Israel the evening before, my son and I began our trip to Jordan. Our route to Aqaba would take us south through downtown Tel Aviv on freeways that made me feel we were in Los Angeles during morning rush hour... Full story


Two nights in Aqaba - Part I

A few years back when my son was working toward his MBA at Tel Aviv University, he and I decided to do a father/son trip around Israel over a break in his studies. It was about this time of the year when the temperature was mild and Israel was relati... Full story


Remembering Betty during Int'l Holocaust Remembrance Day

Betty is a very ordinary American name. The Betty I am writing about was born more than 92 years ago in the small scenic town of Ruskova, nestled in the Carpathian mountains in the Southeast corner of Romania. Ruskova was for the most part a... Full story


Do not be fooled by their military uniforms

On Jan. 3, 2020, as their motorcade was exiting the Baghdad Airport, Major General Qasem Soleimani, the leader of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, along with other high ranking members of the IRGC were killed by an American... Full story


The ugly untold story of a New Jersey neighborhood

The horrific attack at the Jewish market near Newark a few weeks ago was intended to be a massacre of Jewish children in a Jewish Day School next door to the kosher market. Because of some courageous police work the actual scene of the carnage was... Full story


Here we go again!

The annual intersection of Chanukah and Christmas is once again approaching and with it the combined joy of the season. The close proximity of the two holidays this time of the year becomes complicated because of the different meaning and... Full story


Connecting two very different places on Earth

Technology has brought the world ever closer together, but increasingly, political instability, terrorism and war reminds us how very far apart different places remain. In 1963 when I made my first flight to Israel, our Air France flight had to stop... Full story


Uncle Sam needs twenty courageous Republican senators

When America entered the Great World War in 1917, it commissioned an artist by the name of James Montgomery Flagg to create a recruitment poster to encourage Americans to enlist in the Army. The poster Mr. Flagg designed pictured a stern Uncle Sam ma... Full story


Great leaders know when to retire

As a native born American of the Jewish faith I have been doubly blessed by being born into two great peoples. I am a proud and patriotic citizen of my native America and a proud supporter of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. I am not however,... Full story


Recalling my experience growing up with Israel

As I get deeper into my senior years, I find myself spending more time reflecting on my life, and trying to find meaning in what brought me to this moment of my existence. One of those reflections was remembering my first real connection with... Full story


High Holiday Reflections

The days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are devoted not only to examining our relationship with God, but also to self-reflection and our relationship with others. Our tradition, developed over more than three thousand years, has created a rich narra... Full story


Expel them now or defeat them at the polls

Congressional Representatives Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) along with two other freshman democratic congresswomen, have now been collectively tagged with the moniker, “The Squad.” The descriptive name for the four was quickly and... Full story


Retiring the debt or dismantling the campus?

On the front page of the Aug. 2nd edition of this newspaper, a small article with large implications appeared with the headline, “A debt-free Federation is in sight.” I do not know if the article was written by a Heritage writer, was sent to the... Full story


The myth of the two-state solution

From the title of this column you might presume that I oppose a two-state solution where majority Arabs and majority Jews live peacefully in separate independent democratic states, with guaranteed equality, and with civil and human rights protection... Full story

 By Mel Pearlman    Opinions    July 26, 2019

The aftermath of the lunar landing

The 50th anniversary of the first successful Apollo-Saturn Moon Mission was met last week with great fanfare and enthusiasm by the national and international media, the American people and the entire global community. There were inspiring speeches, r... Full story

 By Mel Pearlman    Opinions    July 12, 2019

America's greatest scientific & engineering achievement

In January 1966, I found myself living and working in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I had been recruited by RCA Missile Test Project, the scientific and engineering manager of the Air Force’s Eastern Test Range for rockets and missiles being test fired fro... Full story

 By Mel Pearlman    Opinions    June 28, 2019

Reproductive rights, the Bible and the Constitution

By Mel Pearlman The latest legislative assault on a woman’s reproductive rights is a dangerous and threatening assault on the U.S. Constitution itself. Supporters of these newly introduced state laws prohibiting abortion in every instance believe... Full story

 By Mel Pearlman    Opinions    June 14, 2019

The battle for fair trade

The U.S. is in a worldwide battle for making trade among the nations fairer and more balanced than it has been for several decades. This is a bipartisan issue and enjoys support by members of Congress from both sides of the congressional aisle. The m... Full story

 By Mel Pearlman    Opinions    May 24, 2019

The anti-Semitic methodology of apology

Lately, I have been awestruck, not by the increasing number of anti-Semitic incidences, acts, statements and publications spewing forth from supposedly educated and responsible people in government, academia, the arts, and other respected... Full story

 By Mel Pearlman    Opinions    May 10, 2019

A story remembered from many years ago

The bleeps on the oscilloscope, the respirator assisted breathing and the occasional movement of a leg or an arm are the only evidence that this peaceful old man is engaged in a fierce battle for his life. The fight for life began on a quiet... Full story


Passover's powerful message

As the sun goes down this evening, Jewish people in our own community and throughout the world will be sitting down with their families and friends to participate in the ancient Jewish ritual of a free people known as the Seder, the traditional... Full story

 By Mel Pearlman    Opinions    April 5, 2019

Misguided Jewish philanthropy

As reported in this newspaper several weeks ago, a number of prominent local Jewish philanthropists have pledged millions of dollars to relocate the Holocaust Memorial, Resource and Education Center from the Jewish campus in Maitland, Florida, to an... Full story


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