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'Global shortage of tefillin, mezuzahs,' amid ' Jewish awakening of the soul,' Chabad says

(JNS) — Despite reports of Jews being fearful to display their faith outwardly amid rising antisemitism globally, so many Jews are reconnecting with their faith that supplies are short, according to the largest Jewish network, Chabad-Lubavitch....


'He was an ardent, farbrente Zionist,' Mort Klein says of Ed Ames

(JNS) - The singer and actor, who was president of ZOA's California chapter, died on May 21 at the age of 95.  Some 15 or 20 years ago, Mort Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of A...


Misconceptions about Warsaw Ghetto Uprising abound, says historian Zachary Mazur

(JNS) - The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was not the only example of armed Jewish resistance against the Nazis during the Holocaust. A very small percentage of ghetto prisoners fought, and the revolt...


Once jeered as too pretty, Impressionism is now marshaled in climate-change activism

(JNS) — Until recently, French Impressionism was a Cinderella story. Derided in the late 19th century and excluded from the French academy (Salon), Impressionism—whose name derives from a critic’s mockery—became one of the most beloved art...


Jewish law sheds light on status of Hunter Biden laptop

(JNS) — On Feb. 2, John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary, shared a joke on his magazine’s podcast riffing on Hunter Biden’s laptop—what Miranda Devine has called the “Laptop from Hell.” So, have you heard the one about the Jew who...


University of Michigan dismisses calls to condemn intifada-themed rally

(JNS) — In 2021, a University of Michigan music professor showed a 1965 film adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Othello,” which featured a white actor in blackface, in class. The professor apologized and stepped down, yet a dean at the...


Nobel laureate Martin Karplus photos at Austrian embassy

WASHINGTON (JTA)-The opening of an exhibit at the Austrian Embassy in Washington of more than 50 photographs by an 84-year-old Jewish Nobel laureate was something of an amateur hour-twice over. Both... Full story


'Homely' ancient rock adds evidence of King David's existence

NEW YORK (JTA)—Dimly lit, the stone slab, or stele, doesn’t look particularly noteworthy, especially when compared to the more lavish sphinxes, jewelry and cauldrons one encounters en route to the room where it is installed. Indeed, in a Twitter... Full story


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