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  • Let us choose life

    Miriam Adelson|Feb 26, 2021

    (JNS) — A month has passed, 30 days, since our beloved Sheldon — a husband, a father, a grandfather, brother and close friend — was laid to rest. A month ago we were crying by his side atop the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and today the family is forced to grieve and honor his memory from afar. A month ago we were in the midst of winter, and today we see the budding spring. A month ago, my children had a present father, and today they stand, reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish, shouldering the unshakable burden of having been orphaned. That is life....

  • Thank you, Mr. President ­­- thank you, dear friend

    Miriam Adelson|Jan 29, 2021

    (JNS) — Gratitude is literally written into our Jewish identity. In the book of Genesis, when our foremother Leah gives birth to her last son, she says: “ ‘This time I will give thanks to the Lord’; therefore she called his name, Yehuda.” It is because of Yehuda that we Jews are named yehudim in Hebrew. And it is in the spirit of Yehuda that we give thanks for kinship, for friendship, for courage, for the triumph of truth. U.S. President Donald Trump represents all of these things. And today, as he departs the White House, he deserves...

  • We shall shake off the dust and arise

    Miriam Adelson|Apr 24, 2020

    (JNS)—It is rare, at times like this, to begin the week—yet another week in the shadow of the coronavirus—on a note of joy and excitement. The crisis persists, and with it, heartrending stories of people lost, as well as of loneliness, of challenges to livelihood and of worries about what yet awaits us. But it is precisely at such moments that the heart looks to the small stories, of individuals. And it is on one such story that I would like to embark—a story that heartens me in these dark days. It is the story of Eli Beer, an esteemed friend...

  • Trump deserves our thanks as Americans, Israelis and Jews

    Miriam Adelson|Dec 20, 2019

    By Miriam Adelson (JNS)—The following is the prepared text of Dr. Miriam Adelson’s introduction of President Donald J. Trump at the Israeli American Council National Summit in Hollywood, Florida on Dec. 7, 2019: Shalom, dear friends. And thank you! Thank you all so much for coming together for another terrific national IAC event. And thank you, as always, for defending and promoting Israel, the United States and their eternal alliance. Thank you, left-wingers, and thank you, right-wingers. Thank you, liberals, and thank you, conservatives. Tha...

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