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  • We're in a shmita year. So why aren't American Jews talking more about student debt relief?

    Rabbi Emily Cohen|Dec 31, 2021

    (JTA) — When I finished rabbinical school in 2018, I entered the “real world” with $40,000 in student loans. I acted fast, prioritizing repayment over everything else. Within six months, I paid nearly $10,000 to eliminate interest, and I continued allocating three times my expected monthly payment. Interest didn’t get much chance to build, and when we hit the pandemic pause, I was on track to clear my loans in two years. I am unbelievably lucky. My parents were able to help me with undergrad (due to generational wealth resulting from many Jews...

  • High priest's holy garments and wearing a mask?

    Rabbi Emily Cohen|Mar 5, 2021

    (JTA) — One year ago, in the days leading up to Purim, my co-workers and I were understandably tense. The novel coronavirus, still quite novel to the United States, had prompted a slew of difficult questions. Was it wise to hold our planned holiday gathering at a nightclub in Brooklyn? Would our staff and congregation feel safe? Would this holiday, arguably the most jubilant of our calendar, feel joyous at all or just nerve-wracking? We made the choice to go forward with our Purim party, knowing — on some level — that it would be our last...

  • Boycotting Twitter could backfire

    Rabbi Emily Cohen|Aug 7, 2020

    NEW YORK (JTA) — On Friday afternoon, a few hours before Shabbat, I found myself scrolling through Twitter when I stumbled upon an anti-Semitic rant. This by itself is hardly unusual — the amount of anti-Semitic vitriol on Twitter is horrifying. But when I checked the account, I found that it had nearly half a million followers. Wiley, a Black British musician, used hateful language to articulate several conspiracy theories about Jews. I, along with many others, reported the tweets, but Twitter was slow to remove them. Again, this is not unu... Full story