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  • Muslims must stand up to extremists

    Robert I. Lappin|Feb 12, 2016

    Followers of Islam face a growing threat of becoming a pariah community in the United States, as a consequence of now frequent acts of mass-murder committed by co-religionists here and abroad. Horrified by the war in Syria, violence in Africa, and in about 50 areas around the world, where Muslims interface with non-Muslims, and Muslims of different sects, disgust and fright at the rise of the Islamic State, cause otherwise tolerant Americans to set aside natural instincts for acceptance of others and their religion. Widespread violence in the... Full story

  • Getting boots on the ground

    Robert I. Lappin|Jul 10, 2015

    Sheldon Adelson’s goal to “put more boots on the ground” to fight BDS on college campuses is right on, and his recommendation to form an army of college students, dubbed “Campus Maccabees”, is essential. However, the only way to rapidly recruit and train an army of Campus Maccabees is for Birthright Israel to lower age of eligibility to 16, thereby attracting teens, en masse, to go to Israel. Just as an army needs boot camp to prepare for active duty, so, too will Adelson’s Campus Maccabees. Providing teens with an Israel experience... Full story