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 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    October 22, 2021 

Cancel culture is no laughing matter

(JNS) — Comedian Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, “The Closer,” is making the rounds but not for its hilarity. No, its high ratings can be attributed to the venom that it has elicited from the mainstream press and social media. Nothin...


A rift of Poland's making

(JNS) — The diplomatic crisis unfolding between Jerusalem and Warsaw is unfortunate. Eastern European countries have been staunch supporters of the United States and Israel in a way that their counterparts in the Western continent have long cease...


Biden's reward to UNRWA for bad behavior

(JNS) — The United States transferred $135 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees on Saturday. This was in addition to the nearly $33 million that it gave to the organization in May to help the Gaza Strip, ra...

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    March 26, 2021

Meghan Markle, George Floyd, Muhammad and free speech

(JNS) — The latest scandal surrounding the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is noteworthy. This isn’t because of the ire that it’s been arousing, however; righteous indignation is literally and figuratively all the rage during these...

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    March 19, 2021

Pfizer and fake news

(JNS) — Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was scheduled to arrive in Israel on Monday to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials. One ostensible purpose of the visit — slated to coincide with the completion of the delivery of 10 mi...


Soldiering on for the Jews and Israel

(JNS) — Reading a biography about a friend is a mixed experience. On the one hand, the protagonist is familiar. On the other, he’s a complete stranger, whose story unfolds like that of a fictional character being introduced in a novel. This is th...


Publishers beware: Banning books isn't good for freedom (or business)

(JNS) — In an open letter posted last week to his website, young-adult novelist Barry Lyga called for like-minded colleagues in the industry to join him in blocking the publication of bodies of work written by anyone associated with the outgoing...


Anti-Semites combating anti-Semitism: An Orwellian farce

(JNS) — If George Orwell is spinning in his grave these days, he’s likely rolling so hard with laughter that it’s bringing him and the rest of us to tears. An upcoming webinar on Jew-hatred is but one of many recent examples of phenomena that e...


Peter Beinart's assault on the Abraham Accords

(JNS) — Peter Beinart’s latest attack on the Jewish state that he opposes as vehemently as he professes to have its best interest at heart is a work of remarkable sophistry. In a lengthy op-ed in the radical-leftist quarterly Jewish Currents,...


Amy Coney Barrett, Jewish liberals and the US Constitution

(JNS) — The apoplexy on the part of Democrats in general and Jewish liberals in particular to the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court was to be expected. Anything that President Donald Trump does drives them crazy. But the...

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    June 19, 2020

Owing the ultra-Orthodox an apology

(JNS) — Two weeks after Israel gradually reopened its education system, students and teachers around the country came down with the coronavirus, forcing thousands of their peers and family members into quarantine. The main hotspot has been the...

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    May 1, 2020

Let us remember what the survivors are unable to forget

(JNS)—Holocaust survivors do not need annual ceremonies to remind them of the Nazi atrocities that they endured or of the family members that Adolf Hitler’s henchmen slaughtered during World War II. No, those memories are just as inked in their... Full story

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    April 10, 2020

Haredi statistics show that social distancing works

(JNS)—The carry-on about the dangerous spread of COVID-19 within the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community in Israel is understandable. While the rest of us are cooped up at home, with increasingly severe limitations on our freedom of movement,... Full story


Pompeo brings down the House

(JNS)—U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo returned fire on Monday to a large group of House Democrats who lambasted him last month for declaring that Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria are not illegal. In a letter to Michigan Rep. Andy... Full story


'Aliyah' seems to be the hardest word

(JNS)—At its three-day board of governors meeting in Jerusalem this week, the Jewish Agency for Israel, which recently turned 90, revealed a new plan of action. Addressing the Jewish leaders who convened in the Israeli capital on Sunday, Jewish... Full story


A cautionary cannabis tale for globe-trotting Israelis

(JNS)—After spending six months in jail on the outskirts of Moscow, a young Israeli woman named Naama Issachar was sentenced on Oct. 11 to seven-and-a-half years of imprisonment in Russia. Both the extreme sentence and trumped-up charges of... Full story


May Dvir Sorek's legacy be a lesson to the Jewish left

(JNS)—The slaughter of 19-year-old yeshivah student and Israel Defense Forces’ recruit Dvir Sorek from the Judea and Samaria community of Ofra was not exceptional. Palestinian terrorists with hatred in their hearts and weapons in their hands are... Full story

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    August 2, 2019

Spitting in the face of cooperation with Israel

(JNS)—If further proof were needed to illustrate the futility of diplomatic overtures to the Palestinian Authority, Monday’s attack on a pro-Israel Saudi in Jerusalem is a good example. As part of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reg... Full story

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    July 5, 2019

Erdoğan's loss is Israel's gain

(JNS)—When Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared, during the lead-up to the country’s March 31 municipal elections, that “whoever wins Istanbul, wins Turkey,” he couldn’t have imagined that the catchy campaign slogan was going... Full story

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    June 28, 2019

The appalling political exploitation of a 7-year-old's rape

(JNS)—Given the nationwide response to the brutal rape of a 7-year-old Israeli girl by the Palestinian janitor at her elementary school, while two other accomplices egged him on, it’s no wonder that her parents waited weeks before complaining to... Full story

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    June 21, 2019

An ill-deserved assault on Ambassador David Friedman

(JNS)—Palestinian and leftist Jewish leaders called for America’s Israel ambassador to be fired for telling The New York Times in a recent interview that the Jewish state has, “under certain circumstances, the right to retain some, but... Full story

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    May 10, 2019

Jewish violence: What the Gray Lady knows it need not fear

(JNS)—In response to the publication of an anti-Semitic cartoon in last Thursday’s International New York Times, protesters gathered outside the Manhattan office of the “Gray Lady” on Monday evening to demand that those responsible for the... Full story

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    March 15, 2019

The Palestinians continue to prove the peace fantasists wrong

(JNS)—The Palestinians have been busy for the past week demonstrating in word and deed that U.S. President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” will be dead on arrival. In an op-ed on Sunday in the official, Palestinian Authority-controlled... Full story

 By Ruthie Blum    Opinions    March 1, 2019

Palestinian 'pay-for-slay' policy will go on, despite Israel's new law

(JNS) The Israeli security cabinet decided on Sunday to put into effect a law passed in July to deduct half a billion shekels (approximately $138.2 million) from the annual tax revenues it transfers to the Palestinian Authority each year. The... Full story


Yo! Meet the man behind the app

(ISRAEL21c) -Meet Moshe Hogeg, the Israeli venture capitalist and entrepreneur tagged by Forbes magazine as one of the 10 "Start-up Nation movers and shakers you need to know." The 33-year-old... Full story


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