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  • The Home Depot billionaire's secrets of success

    Sarah Pachter, Aish Hatorah Resources|May 19, 2023

    Bernie Marcus grew up dirt poor. Now he's giving away his fortune. Bernie Marcus is passionate about giving all his money away. The Home Depot founder is a signatory of "The Giving Pledge," a group of billionaire philanthropists who have committed to giving the majority of their money away to charity, during their lifetime or posthumously. Bernie has established a foundation which works tirelessly to support various causes. After he dies, he wants it dissolved and all his money to be given away...

  • Six incredible things you may not have known about Mayim Bialik

    Sarah Pachter, Aish Hatorah Resources|Dec 16, 2022

    After iconic roles in television shows like Blossom and The Big Bang Theory, actress Mayim Bialik is now the host of Jeopardy. Here are six incredible things you never knew about her. What do you think has been your greatest kiddush Hashem – a moment you really excelled in representing the Jewish people? That's a funny question. I don't usually identify them myself. I think that typically it should be something other people say or see. I think it's hard to answer for myself without sounding l...

  • Overcoming his heroin addiction and helping others struggling with drugs

    Sarah Pachter, Aish Hatorah Resources|Jul 23, 2021

    Doug Rosen is using his difficult struggles with drugs to help others. By 24 years old, Doug Rosen was making money faster than he could spend it. A producer in Hollywood, he was flying around the world, sporting designer clothing, and driving a luxury car. On the outside, everything was perfect. On the inside, he was crumbling. Doug was partying every night with famous A-listers, exposed to every drug on the planet. He was spending close to $80,000 a year on drugs alone. He had climbed the ladder of success, and no one could stop him. That is...

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