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 By Sean Durns    Opinions    October 8, 2021

What's missing in POLITICO's look at the 'two-state solution act'

(JNS) — On Sept. 23, 2021, Rep. Andy Levin (D-Mich.) introduced the “Two-State Solution Act” to “to preserve conditions for, and improve the likelihood of, a two-state solution that secures Israel’s future as a democratic state and a...


A historian who forgets history

(JNS) — More than 100 years ago, George Santayana famously intoned that “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” The Spanish philosopher’s warning has often been repeated. Regrettably, it is often ignored, including by...


An appalling 'Washington Post' editorial indeed

(JNS) — The Washington Post is at it again. The editorial board of the newspaper just cannot refrain from attacking Israel. Its Dec. 6 commentary, “Netanyahu’s reaction to Biden’s victory is appalling,” offers more proof of the board’s...


'Washington Post' finally covers Palestinian human-rights abuses

(CAMERA via JNS)—The Washington Post is finally covering the systematic violations of human rights by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. In an Oct. 23 dispatch, Post reporters Ruth Eglash and Sufian Taha noted “the extreme lengths to which... Full story

 By Sean Durns    Opinions    June 22, 2018

The media's blowing smoke on Palestinian kite terrorism

(JNS)—Where there is smoke, the saying goes, there is fire. But if you’re Palestinians committing mass arson against Israelis, there might not be media coverage. Many major US news outlets, despite the staggering damage to Israel’s economy and... Full story

 By Sean Durns    Opinions    April 22, 2016

Media miss emergence of new terror group

A new Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist group has emerged—and by appearances, it may be expanding. In less than two years, Harakat as-Sabeeren Nasran il-Filastin (The Movement for the Patient Ones for the Liberation of Palestine), also known as... Full story


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