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  • Sephardic Jeweled Rosh Hashanah Rice

    Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox|Sep 15, 2023

    This story originally appeared in The Nosher. We grew up in Barcelona, Spain. Not exactly your typical Jewish upbringing, and while we loved the beautiful city, it could be difficult and isolating during the Jewish holidays. Nevertheless, we managed to form a tight-knit group each year with our aunt, uncle and cousins who enjoyed the festive Syrian-Lebanese style food our talented mother prepared for us. The main meal itself was amazing, but it was the symbolic foods we ate before the main meal...

  • The best vegetarian matzah ball soup recipe

    Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox|Feb 9, 2018

    (The Nosher via JTA)-Let's face it: There's just something wonderfully soothing about seeing a steaming bowl of matzah ball soup with its pillowy-plump dumplings swimming in a bath of golden broth. This healing vegetarian matzah ball soup delivers all the "ah" of its traditional cousin with precisely the right amount of goodness (and good-for-you-ness) thanks to a clever use of shiitake mushrooms, tomato paste and a pot full of seasonal vegetables. Whether you add our healthy matzah ball soup... Full story

  • Watermelon steak topped with chickpea and feta salad recipe

    Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox|Aug 19, 2016

    (The Nosher via JTA)-A warm night, a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean and a big bowl of watermelon with feta cheese: If we had to take a guess, that would be our mom's definition of the perfect summer dinner. If you've never tasted watermelon and feta together before, it may sound like a strange combination. But give it a taste and you will certainly be hooked. The sweetness of the juicy watermelon meets the rich, salty feta creating an explosion of flavor on every perfect bite. Inspired... Full story

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