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Could Gilboa Prison escape help spark another intifada?

(JNS) The dramatic escape of six Palestinian terrorists from Gilboa Prison in northern Israel last Monday carries the potential of a broader security escalation, a former defense official has cautioned. Col. (res.) David Hacham, a former...


Mideast terror groups energized by Taliban victory, but not rushing into battle

(JNS) — The shockwaves from the Taliban’s lightning-quick takeover of Afghanistan are continuing to reverberate throughout the Middle East, and Islamist forces are feeling energized by the U.S. withdrawal. But according to Prof. Eyal Zisser, a...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    August 20, 2021

Israeli and American militaries tighten air-defense cooperation

(JNS) — Representatives from the U.S. and Israeli Air Forces met last month to discuss a remarkable development: what the Israel Defense Forces described as “updated orders for the cooperation between the two nations’ air-defense systems...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    August 6, 2021

The deceptive nature of current quiet in the West Bank

(JNS) — A recent mass arrest of Hamas members in the West Bank offers a glimpse into the deceptive nature of the ongoing quiet in the area and how hard the terror organization based in the Gaza Strip is working to puncture the relative calm. At...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    July 9, 2021

An inside look at the Israeli rescue effort in Surfside

(JNS) - A rescue delegation from the Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command is using visual intelligence techniques and information received from families of the victims to precisely map out the...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    May 28, 2021

How Israel can disrupt Hamas's re-armament plans

(JNS) - As the truce in Gaza takes hold, Israel and the international community must employ multiple approaches to prevent Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad from once again using a quiet period to...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    May 21, 2021

Heavy rocket barrage on Israel, hitting Tel Aviv, causes fatalities and injures dozens

(JNS) - A heavy rocket barrage fired by Gazan terror factions at central Israel killed an Israeli woman in Rishon Letzion and injured more than 20 civilians in multiple locations. In Holon, eight...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    April 23, 2021

Israeli strategic observers: 'It appears as if a lot of Iranian work in Natanz went down the drain'

(JNS) - Threats by Iran to retaliate against what it said was an Israeli sabotage attack on its Natanz nuclear site on April 11 and the reported attack on an Iranian command ship in the Red Sea on...


IDF's Kochavi positions Israel atop regional anti-Iran bloc

(JNS) - When assessing the comments made earlier this week by Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, who warned against the return to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, it is...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 22, 2021

Israel determined to prevent Iran from achieving 'Syria Project'

(JNS) - Media reports carried news of intensive airstrikes against Iranian-linked targets in eastern Syria early on Wednesday, attributed to the Israeli Air Force. The alleged strikes in the Deir...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 22, 2021

'Next big step': Experts advocate relocating Israel to US military's Central Command

(JNS) — As the Middle East remains on edge due to sky-high tensions between the United States and Iran, and with the U.S. Air Force holding a joint drill with Saudi Arabia’s Royal Air Force, the Pentagon and the Israeli defense establishment rema...


Cyber attackers are 'taking advantage' of mass shift in working from home

(JNS) — Cyber attackers around the world—ranging from criminals to state actors—are taking advantage of the massive global shift to working from home in the age of the coronavirus pandemic and escalating cyber attacks, senior former American...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    October 9, 2020

An insider's look at 'corona hotels' operated by IDF Home Front Command

(JNS) - As the Israeli cabinet weighs increasingly stringent steps to deal with the growing numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases, the Israel Defense Forces' Home Front Command is playing an...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    October 2, 2020

Defense Minister Benny Gantz in Washington for talks to ensure Israel's military edge

(JNS) — In the wake of a reported U.S.-UAE deal in the works for the sale of F-35 fighter jets, Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz departed for the United States on a brief 24-hour visit on Monday night, where he is scheduled to meet with...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    August 21, 2020

The quiet race between the Israel Navy and Gaza's armed terror factions

(JNS) - As it conducts its mission to defend southern Israeli communities and vital strategic sites, the Israel Navy is also engaged in a quiet arms race with Israel's adversaries in the Gaza Strip -...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    August 14, 2020

Full scope of Beirut disaster 'still not understood,' states former Israeli military intelligence chief

(JNS) - A day after two blasts - one of them an enormous - ripped through Beirut, causing untold destruction, it's still not possible to grasp the true scope of the calamity, a former Israeli...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    July 31, 2020

Some Israeli companies view China as major growth market

(JNS) - Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and increasing tensions between the United States and China, Israeli companies continue to view China as a major market for growth and development....

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    July 24, 2020

New Israeli spy satellite set to provide powerful intelligence

(JNS) — The “Ofek 16” spy satellite launched from central Israel at 4 a.m. on Monday (July 6) morning is due to significantly upgrade Israel’s ability to monitor the dangerous activities of its adversaries throughout the Middle East,...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    April 17, 2020

Israeli missile-production line starts churning out much-needed ventilators

(JNS)-In ordinary times, Israel Aerospace Industries Systems Missiles Space group churns out advanced missiles, including interceptors used by the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 defense systems. During these... Full story


Return to normal after Passover?

(JNS)—Israel must take a series of immediate steps that would enable it to end its nationwide closure and enter a new “corona routine” that would revive the economy and that could begin immediately after Passover, Interim Defense Minister... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    March 6, 2020

Hamas fails to curb Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which has no interest in stabilizing Gaza

(JNS)-For months, the Israeli government has pursued the objective of trying to stabilize the Gaza Strip. It tried to reach new truce understandings with Hamas through indirect negotiations-brokered... Full story


Amid a spate of Palestinian attacks, Israel's security forces seek to prevent an explosion of violence

(JNS)-The quick succession of Palestinian attacks on Israeli security forces in the past 24 hours appears to be a chain reaction of unorganized incidents, each one forming the "inspiration" for the... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 17, 2020

Iran seeks to end direct clash with America and return to an asymmetrical comfort zone

(JNS)-The wave of Iranian ballistic missiles that struck two military bases in Iraq early on Wednesday that house U.S. personnel was a clear Iranian attempt to conclude the current phase of escalation... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 10, 2020

Iran crossed red line with Trump administration; US, Israel, region brace for response

(JNS)—The American airstrike assassination of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force commander, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, in Baghdad early on Friday follows a major miscalculation on the part of Tehran in the decision to up the... Full story


Israel waits to see if Gaza Strip stabilizes

(JNS)-A ceasefire that appeared fragile, and which was punctured twice by rocket fire from Gaza, went into effect on Thursday, Nov. 14, after 50 hours of combat between the Iranian-backed Palestinian... Full story


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