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  • The radical Jew behind Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

    Zachary Solomon|Mar 4, 2016

    (Jewniverse via JTA)—Saul Alinsky was a true-blue political disruptor. Born in Chicago to Russian Jewish emigres in 1909, Alinsky was so fed up with social injustice, inequality and racism that he invented modern community organizing. Initially focusing on uniting lower-class black communities in Chicago, Alinsky’s tactics were beyond unusual. In the 1960s, Alinsky threatened the city of Rochester, New York, with a “fart-in,” in which black Americans would attend the Rochester Philharmonic and disrupt the music with music of their own (suppli...

  • Who exactly were Court Jews, anyway?

    Zachary Solomon|Feb 26, 2016

    (Jewniverse via JTA)—If you were a member of the European royalty or nobility in the early modern period, and you were strapped for cash, chances are you’d ask your Court Jew for a loan. The Court Jew—a position of strange esteem dating as far back as the 12th century and spanning nearly all of the Middle Ages—was a banker who reliably lent money to European higher-ups. Typically they were Jews of means who had made their money peddling, or organizing other peddlers, and as Jews were exempt from the Christian sin of usury. It was this exemption...

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