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Passover-Israel style

JERUSALEM—Not every Israeli observes Passover, but every Israeli knows Passover is coming. Preparations for the seven-day holiday are impossible to ignore and encroach on almost every facet of life... Full story


Taking Passover back to its roots

JERUSALEM—When most Israeli Jews sit down for the Passover seder on the night of March 25, the 14th of the Hebrew month of Nissan, they’ll wait for the kids to recite Mah Nishtana, the four... Full story


In experiencing real freedom, the importance of boundaries

NEW YORK (JTA)—We have a love-hate relationship with boundaries. We hate being confined or told what to do. Many adults don’t like having a boss, and many schoolchildren get annoyed when the answer is “no.” Boundaries limit our... Full story

 By Leo Margul    Features    March 22, 2013

How to get through a Passover seder

Passover means seders. They are important Jewish traditions, but also social and hunger-filled minefields. These tips will help you navigate the time between when you show up and avoid questions... Full story


In new children's books, it's rhyme time about matzah and the seder

BOSTON (JTA)—Years ago, Nancy Steiner set out to make her family seder a bit more entertaining for her own young kids. She wrote a poem that became very popular among family and friends. “On This... Full story


Passover, peace, and Palestine: An Arab-style seder in 1920s Long Island

Passover at Irma Lindheim’s Long Island home in the 1920s was not your standard Jewish holiday experience. There was plenty of matzo ball soup and brisket, to be sure. But the dining room was... Full story

 By Helen Nash    Features    March 22, 2013

Save the self-pity, choices abound for Passover meals

(JTA)—For the many who feel overwhelmed by Passover because of the demands of cooking without leaven, a word or two: That should not be an obstacle. After all, on this most celebrated of Jewish... Full story


No more gorging on matzah for a week: delicious Passover recipes for every day

While planning what to cook to feed the whole mishpucha (family) on Passover’s big seder night, it’s easy to forget to plan your meals for the rest of the holiday week. Suddenly, lo and behold, you find yourself staring at the wide-open cupboard... Full story


Quinoa, 'mother of all grains,' may (or may not) be kosher for Passover

NEW YORK (JTA)—On any given day, a wind might blow through the farmlands of South America, pick up an errant grain of barley and deposit it nearby among the vast rows of cultivated quinoa. If that... Full story


Seeking Kin: What became of refugee couple sheltered in Spanish monastery?

JERUSALEM (JTA)—Karl and Ruth Albrecht, a couple who fled Nazi Germany, were given shelter in 1941 or 1942 at Santa Maria de La Vid, a monastery in Spain. He was Catholic, she was Jewish. Santiago... Full story

 By Debra Rubin    News    March 22, 2013

Somali refugee counters 'apartheid' efforts

After most of Daher Dhudy’s family was murdered in a bloody civil war in Somalia, the teen fled with his only surviving brother on a perilous journey through Egypt, reaching safety only when they crossed the border into Israel. “I never found... Full story


Jews find early signs from Pope Francis encouraging

ROME (JTA)—When the white smoke rose last week at the Vatican, signaling to the world that the College of Cardinals had chosen a new pope, Catholics weren’t the only ones waiting with bated... Full story


6 degrees (no Bacon): Jewish celebrity roundup

Joan Rivers helps Israeli gay couple NEW YORK (6NoBacon)—Yuval and Liran, a gay Israeli couple, want to have a child—and they are using any help they can get, even from Hollywood. Joan Rivers and... Full story


Weekly roundup of world news from JTA

Streisand to perform two stadium concerts in Tel Aviv JERUSALEM (JTA)—Barbra Streisand will perform two Tel Aviv concerts in Israel in addition to performing at the 90th birthday celebration for President Shimon Peres. The concerts will take place... Full story


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